Skater of the Month: Stab WIld

The tenacious B Team Vice Captain, Stab Wild, is our March Skater of the Month!


Stab Wild #5TAB/#9


Story behind the name?

Stab is a nickname I’ve had since predictive text first came out and it kept correcting Stacey to Stab.


I mostly block but I love having a go at everything.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

Not really. I do have lucky pants.

Greatest derby moment?

That’s hard, there have been a lot of amazing and fun times. I guess the times I’m most proud of are anytime I wanted to quit but didn’t, or thought I couldn’t do something but kept doing it anyway until I could. That always feels pretty cool.

How has derby changed your life?

I think I’ve had more Facebook notifications in the last week than I’ve had since I joined Facebook in 2005.
I’ve also met some pretty awesome people, one very awesome person, done things I’d never have imagined doing and had so much fun doing them!
I’m about a million times happier now than I was before joining HARD.

What are you most excited for in your derby future?

Many things, but mostly at the moment I’m really excited about HARD V MRD in the British champs.


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