Skater of the Month: Peaches!

Peaches came to Old Capitol City Roller Derby in 2015 and has been a great asset to the team both on and off the track. Her cool attitude and fun nature has brightened up many intense practices and games!! In addition to playing derby, Peaches runs Marathon and races. Her running skills transfer to her jamming as she pops up on her toe-stops to run past the opposing blockers. Come and check out Peaches and Old Capitol City Roller Derby this Friday, June 10th at the Coraliville Marriott Convention Center at 7:00pm.


Who are you?    Hi! Peaches here. I started my derby career as Kru$ha, but underwent an identity change when I moved to Iowa from Georgia. My teammates suggested Peaches to hearken back to my southern roots and it stuck.

What position do you play/like to play?    I prefer jamming, but as long as I get to play derby with my friends I’m happy. 

Peaches running on here skates. Photo courtesy of Marc Longbrake.

                                     Photo courtesy of Marc Longbrake.

How long have you been skating and why did you join?    I started skating January 2013 with the Classic City Rollergirls in Athens, Georgia. I came across a boot camp advertisement online and just decided to show up, pretty much basing my expectations on Whip It. Prior to boot camp, my only experience skating was down the driveway with my brother. It took a lot of hard work and evenings at the skating rink to get the basics down.

What’s your favorite overall thing about roller derby?      My favorite thing about roller derby is the look in my friend’s eyes when she finally sticks a new skill she’s been working on. Learning new things on skates takes a lot of hard work and bravery. It is really exciting for me to share in that accomplishment with my teammates and see them succeed.

What was something unexpected that you got out of roller derby?     Roller derby has provided me with a really unique way to engage with the community. I love to volunteer with the team and change people’s perceptions on what a derby player should be.

Photo courtesy of Marc Longbrake

Photo courtesy of Marc Longbrake

How has it changed you? Better? Worse?     My leg muscles got way bigger with all the derby stance practice. Joking aside though, derby has taught me so much about discipline. I’ve had to learn to manage my time outside of practice so that I can leave distractions at the door. I’ve also learned a lot about working on a team, which is something I didn’t have much experience with before.

What have you accomplished/feel proud about so far?   I’m really proud of how I have changed my response to challenging practices or bouts. I used to become really down on myself or frustrated when a jam didn’t go well and now I think I keep a pretty cool head regardless of the circumstances.

What do you still hope to accomplish?    I would like to work more on my footwork this season. I think it would be really helpful to become more proficient working on my edges and toe stops. I sometimes have dreams about landing apex jumps or sneaking by defenders on the line.

Derby heroes?    My derby wife, Honey Boom Boom, has always been my derby hero. She has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met and is always willing to dance with me on the sidelines.

How has derby affected the rest of your life?     Derby has entirely changed my life. It’s given me a much-needed social and physical outlet. Through derby, I have finally found the place that I fit.

Any advice to new skaters/people outside of derby. Any pro-tips you would like to share?    Don’t forget to look at what is happening in the pack. When I started watching derby, I always focused on what the jammer was doing. I’ve learned so much more about game play by picking a blocker and following their moves.

Come and meet Peaches and Old Capitol City Roller Derby this Friday, June 10th at the Coraliville Marriott Convention Center at 7:00pm. Tickets are 10$ if purchased prior to the bout from the New Pi-Coop, crossroads tattoo, or a local skater. 

DERBY4, 2016

If you are interested in joining Old Capitol City Roller Derby as a skater, referee, non-skating official, or volunteer- Come and check out our recruitment on June 20th, Coralville Marriott 6-8pm.  No experience is required. We will provide you with skates and gear on the 20th. Bring yourself, workout gear, a mouth guard, ID, and proof of insurance. Have questions, e-mail or check this website or facebook at for updates.

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