Skater of the Month – November 2013

November 2013 Featured Skater:

Chieftain MacMenace

Your derby name and number?  Chieftain MacMenace, 1745

Meaning behind or reason you chose your name and number?  A number of years ago, I attend the Highland Games and Celtic Festival in South Charleston.  It seemed like every clan tent my friend Judy and I went to had someone calling themselves Chieftain Something-or-Other.  Judy and I started referring to one another as “Chieftain,” and it stuck.   As for MacMenace, I wanted something that sounded Scottish (hence the “Mac”) but also menacing . . . Once I decided to go with Chieftain, MacMenace was easy.  1745 is the year of the Jacobite Uprising in Scotland, Bonnie Prince Charlie and all that.

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