Skater of the Month January – Killmore Girls


Photo courtesy of Silicon Valley Designs.

  • Joined PRG: Dec 3, 2013
  • Position on the Track: Blocker, Jammer
  • Home Team: Psychopathogens
  • Number: 555
  • Committees: Art Chair, Grievance
  • Birthday: February 5
  • Hometown: San Jose, CA

Comments from her league mates:

  • KG…silent but deadly…I love that chick.
  • Our hidden gem. She is tiny but has a huge blocker somewhere in that little body. Saw her positionally block 4 blockers at the BADG scrimmage.
  • She is simply “fearless” she gets in there and just does it. Jam, block just ask and she’ll give it her best.
  • Killmore…spunky little chick.
  • She’s a little dog with a big dog attitude…she’s fearless and will stop killmoreanyone…she jams through those packs and barrels through them. AMAZING attitude and a great player.
  • KG has improved considerably and shown good dedication to the league.
  • She’s a little firecracker that never gives up!
  • Have you seen her fight through a wall of Damas blockers?? The KG/Barbi matchup is a site to behold. Whenever KG falls, she’s on her feet quicker than you can blink, and fighting harder – and she always gets through. She proves that there’s no single size or body type that is successful in derby, as long as you’ve got the heart, skill, and attitude to be successful.
  • Killmore Girls is tiny. There is no getting around that fact. She is just SO small. Who would have guessed that someone that small can completely stop you from moving forward on the track? She does, ALL THE TIME. And watching her jam, she makes it look easy. Not to mention the fact that she’s one of the most fun people to hang with. KG is amazing.

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