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Meet Dane-ish, a Hulls Angels star blocker and our very own ‘Ass of Doom’.


Dane-ish #40


Story behind the name?
I joined HARD in September 2012 as a Cherub (fresh meat). Due to working shifts I tried to make as many sessions as possible, which wasn’t easy, and meant that I covered all skills over two intakes. I passed my minimum skills first time round in the second intake, just after my 40th birthday, hence the number 40. My name is linked to my Danish heritage on my father’s side (although I don’t speak the language – maybe I should learn some!?)
How did you get into derby?
I skated as a youngster outside up to the age of about 12 or 13 on the roller boots that I got for Xmas. I went everywhere on them. I played netball from my early 20′s for around 18 years at a pretty decent standard (both local and national leagues) as a defender. I bumped into the HARDies after a netball match at the venue where we were playing, and after a friend sent me the link for the new intake I got in touch, attended the intake and have never looked back. I no longer play netball.

I am a blocker and have earned the nickname ‘Ass of Doom’. I love to dabble with jamming – it’s good to practice both.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

I always eat carbs such as tuna pasta and bananas before a game. I don’t get too stressed out with nerves, but try to channel them into positive energy to take onto track.

Greatest derby moment?

Playing two bouts in a weekend and winning both. We played two very tough teams in Scotland, due to a draw on points in the last game there was a nail biting overtime jam where we held the jammer for what seemed like an eternity, for our jammer to pass and score the winning points. I have never felt elation like it in my life when that final whistle blew!! It was a very emotional moment.

How has derby changed your life?

I have met some lovely people in the Derby community and from other teams. My team mates are like a second family and we have a strong bond. I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and hope this continues into the future. It’s sometimes difficult but I try to keep a derby/home/work life balance where I can.

The future?

I am really looking forward to competing in the British Championships in 2015 and helping to nurture the new intakes of cherubs who are going to be awesome! HARD are going from strength to strength and the future’s looking bright.

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