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Claud Apart 2

Our featured skater profiles are back, and we’re kicking things off with one of our A-Team skaters, Claud Apart.


ClaudApart #203

Story behind the name?

Theres not really a story to my name. I wanted my real (human) name to be incoparated in it somewhere, so as you do I asked for suggestions from friends and family. It was Deadfool’s idea that I finally went with ‘ClaudApart’, a play on ‘clawed apart’ by a beast. I suppose it represents my feistyness perfectly.
My number is Chopper’s (my son’s) date of birth.

How did you get into derby?

My first ever derby experience was just after I had Chopper. I went to support my sister ‘Dr Blockson’ in her debut bout for H.A.R.D in Highway to Hull against the Banditas. I loved every minute of that game. How fast, exciting and physical it was, I knew it was the perfect way to get fit and socialise after becoming a parent.

A few weeks later i joined H.A.R.D cherubs cycle and passed my mins first time! I’ve now been skating as an Angel for 2 and a bit years.


I’m usually one of the main jammers for H.A.R.D, but I do love a bit of blocking too.

Pre bout ritual?

My team mates would probably agree that come game day I’m usually pretty quiet and moody but I put this down to nerves. So I keep myself to myself, listen to music, so I can chill and get my head in the game! I’m usually a big contender in the poo tally chart too! Ha!

Greatest derby moment?

This is easy, it has to be when H.A.R.D took on Scotland and WON. I would say we were definitely seen as the underdogs for both games against ‘Dundee and Granite City’. For me our second game of the weekend against Dundee was the toughest game physically and emotionally I’ve ever played. The score fluctuated so much throughout the game and we were so tired, but we never gave up.

We became tied in the final jam so went straight into an extra time jam. D-Mac took the star panty from me (I was ballin’ at this point) and I went to block alongside the power lineup Dane-ish, Blockson and Urban Myth. That two minutes went too fast, we played with our hearts on our ‘wrist guards’ and true to our name. We won and cried alot! I’ve never been more proud to be apart of H.A.R.D from this moment on!

How has it changed you?

Derby has made me so much more pro active, extremely stronger and fitter. I am more determined to improve and succeed in everything I do now, and I have more patience and confidence. It just gives me the stress release I need throughout the week!

The future?

I would just like to improve as a jammer and all round player in the future really! I would love as a team to become even bigger and stronger and try get into the top 10 rankings. We’ve definitely got the determination for it!
Oh and just to love skating as much as I do now. Mega love to Bigdog, Chopper and Dr Blockson for all their support.

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