Skater of the Month: B Complex

This month’s featured Skater is B Complex. She joined roller derby in 2013 and has developed into a strong blocker and a valued teammate. She has worked hard since joining Old Capitol City Roller Derby and has developed a special knack for hitting jammers out with backwards leans.  Come and see B complex blocking skills and OCCRD play this Saturday, April 30th at Coralville Marriott, 5:00pm!!


becky 3

Photo credit: Donna Olmstead


Who are you?       Hi! My derby name is B Complex, but usually I go by Becky! Fun fact: OCCRD also counts a Becca and a Bekah among its ranks.  So far it hasn’t gotten too confusing.

How long have you been skating and why did you join?       I joined OCCRD in August 2013.  I had known about roller derby for a couple years before I joined the league, and I really admired the skater moxie. I didn’t have much experience playing (or even watching) sports, so it took me a while to decide to try it for myself. Some friends and I started skating at the Robert A. Lee Rec Center on Saturday evenings, and I tried out for the team a few months later. I’m glad I did! It’s been very challenging both physically and mentally, but also very rewarding.

What position do you like to play?     I enjoy blocking.

What was something unexpected that you got out of roller derby?     After spending most of my life avoiding sports, playing roller derby has taught

Photo creadit: Danforth johnson

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

me a healthy appreciation for competition.

What’s your favorite overall thing about roller derby?     I’ve noticed that when I talk with people about derby they have some connection with it and are curious to learn more. I think interest in derby is going to keep growing, and that’s really exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing things the next generation of skaters will do in this sport.

Any advice to new skaters?       Learning any new skill takes perseverance and patience, and everyone learns at a different pace. For me, playing roller derby felt overwhelming for a long time, but eventually the balance tipped so it became more fun than scary. Stick with it and be nice to yourself!


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