Skater and Volunteer of the Quarter!

Blood Thirsty has been a member of the Undead family since 2009 and has become a very dedicated coach to our newest (Infected) skaters! Blood wakes early on Sunday mornings to give our newest skaters their first tastes of derby by teaching a combination of skating skills and endurance. As a blocker on the Undead Bettys team she spends a lot of time attending her own practices, so for her willingness to donate more time to the newbies on our team, we have awarded her with Skater of the Quarter. 

Blood Thirsty

PiranhaByte was just recently bitten and joined the league as an NSO (Non-skating Official). Her professionalism and focus as a lady in black is always evident whether we’re scrimmaging or bouting for a crowd. Volunteers like her make Roller Derby possible. PiranhaByte is known for stepping up beyond her Practice/Bout duties and helping the League advertise during sign shaking or flyering. Because of her steadfast dedication to the Undead Bettys Roller Derby League, we have awarded her with Volunteer of the Quarter.


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