Skater Spotlight: T- McPain

What’s your derby name and number?  T-McPAIN #28
Which team(s) do you play on?   Rome Rollergirls since our first beginning stages, May 2010. The Peach State Allstars since February 2015.
What’s your day job? I’ve worked for AT&T Mobility as a customer service representative for over 10 years.
What interests and hobbies do you have outside of derby? I love being outside. My husband and I do a lot of canoeing and kayaking on the rivers of Rome. A lot of hiking especially at Little River Canyon. My biggest love is gardening. I love my flowers and vegetable gardens like they are my babies. I also love my four furbabies…two cats and two dogs. 
What are you most known for on the track? Everyone tells me that my big booty is my biggest weapon on the track. Lol
Tell us about your greatest or favorite moment on the track. I don’t have one favorite moment on the track. I do love when I make a big hit and I can hear the crowd cheering. I also love watching the people I know when seeing a bout for the first time. Their faces show its definitely not what they expected. Another feeling is when in the middle of all the chaos, when my teammates and I are doing exactly what we are supposed to do, and everything works just right. 
What got you into derby? When I heard that Rome was starting a team, I was at the next practice and I’ve been hooked ever since. Everyone seems to be attracted to derby during a change in their life. I was searching for me, tired of the every day office job and feeling like I wanted to be a part of something. Derby takes my mind off of life and the every day struggles and it’s made me find myself again.
What’s your advice for newer skaters?  My advice to new skaters….NEVER QUIT. Yes sometimes it’s and emotional roller coaster from, I’m doing awesome! To…why am I doing this, I suck so bad. Always push through and work on being better and stronger. You’ll find your place, and you’ll realize you are capable of everything you thought you couldn’t do. Never give up on yourself because your derby sisters will never give up on you. Derby love!!

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