Skater Spotlight – Pyrojaniac

Photo Credit: The Derby Retina

Derby Name: Pyrojaniac

Derby Number: 911

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Interests: Charity work with the East Cobb Lions Club, trying new restaurants with friends, watching college football (GO NOLES!), and listening to live music.

Hobbies: Derby, softball, hiking, setting dinner on fire (that’s how I got my derby name) and shamelessly I admit that I love karaoke.

Most memorable experience: The day I put out a car fire at Firehouse Subs!  Ironically we were having a Derby Darlins appearance that day so I was wearing my Pyro jersey and shorts with flames on them.  Thanks to the Firehouse Subs on North Marietta Pkwy for letting me use their fire extinguisher.

Why Derby?
Last year a friend emailed me saying we should go watch some derby sometime.  I started checking out the website and saw that they had tryouts and thought, hmmmmm I used to love skating, maybe I should give this a try.  I bought a pair of skates and my gear and was thinking that this might be the craziest thing I have ever done.  I went to my first practice and loved it.  I tried out for the team and here we are.  I have gotten so much more out of derby than I ever expected, from the experience of learning something new that was really challenging to the great friendships I have made along the way.  Why didn’t I try derby sooner!

Advice to new skaters: Don’t be afraid to give derby a try, purchase the best safety gear you can when you start skating, it pays in the long run and don’t forget to have FUN!

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