Skater Spotlight – Princess of Pain

Derby Name: Princess of Pain

Derby Number: 10

Occupation outside of Derby: Student

Hobbies: Interior decorating, functional organization, candles, bird watching
Cooking/ baking, crafting, reading, playing with my two minions (chihuahuas), crossfit, yoga, watching movies new and old, hiking,
And derby of course.

Most Memorable experience:
Most memorable experience off the top of my head would be when I went scuba diving in Florida. It was extremely relaxing and it was cool to see all the tropical fish, hold sea urchins, and starfish. I also got to explore some small ship wrecks which had always been a dream of mine.

Why Derby?
I wanted to play rugby and before I could look into it my brother and I saw a sign on the back of a car advertising the Marietta Derby Darlins. My brother told me I should try it and I figured I would sense I had done figure skating when I was really young. I went to a newbie night and figured out that all those skating skills were gone but something about skating again made me so happy that I never looked back.

Advice for new skaters:
I would say just give it a shot. It’s a hard sport but it’s a very rewarding sport. It’s not for everyone but you won’t know if you have the derby bug or not unless you try it out. Also buy good gear and a nice helmet!

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