Skater Spotlight – Ninja Starr

Derby Name: Ninja Starr

Derby Number: 2

Occupation: Professional Cuddler

Interests: Trying new restaurants, riding motorcycles and ATVs and getting dirty, listening to music but never knowing the artist.

Hobbies: You mean there is more than playing roller derby?  Bar-B-Ques and Bonfires, keeping classy nails, trying to make it thru a movie without talking or falling asleep, cooking and baking, playing with my pup, spending time acting like a tourist and taking field trips.

Most memorable experience: That time I made lead jammer and got points. Ninjas don’t jam!

Why Derby?  I grew up a martial artist so contact sports come naturally. I was on vacation when I first learned about roller derby and felt like it would just seem like a natural progression. The day I sent an inquiry to my local team was the last night of practice for the season. I went, strapped on some gear, and hit the track. I never looked back! It was just meant to be.
Roller Derby has a way of accepting you for who you are regardless of age, shape or size. It is fun and interesting and challenging. The camaraderie from a league of dozens of other women. The competitiveness to continuously better yourself and be the best for your team. The athleticism while still being able to express some individuality.

Advice to new skaters: Get low! Skate fast! Hit hard! Don’t be afraid to try it. Learn everything you can, ask questions, ask for feedback. Falling is normal, even the best skaters fall. Buy quality gear. Don’t forget to have fun.

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