Skater Spotlight – Adelaide Slammit

Photo Credit: Andy Crenshaw

Derby Name: Adelaide Slammit

Derby Number: 615

Occupation: Arts administration

Interests: Family, arts and culture, politics, learning something new

Hobbies: Derby, volunteering in the community, family field trips with my husband and two kids

Most memorable experience: Becoming parents on our 5th wedding anniversary.

Why Derby?
After some complications from surgery on both my feet, my doctor told me that the goal would be for me to walk without a brace and that I would never run again. Five years later I played softball for my college. My derby name is a reference to a musical theatre song that’s about getting sick from waiting around for it to be your time. Some of those complications I had as a teenager still bother me today, and my feet still can’t handle much running, but I can skate. And I’m not waiting around!

Advice to new skaters: Learn everything you can about roller derby, ask for feedback and work on those areas you need to improve, and don’t let anyone else decide your limitations.

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