Skate to Thrill: Day 2 Recap

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ST. PETERS, MO– The final day of the “Skate To Thrill” Invitational saw the highest-ranked and lowest-ranked WFTDA leagues participating net three-game sweeps, and the continuation of the competitiveness that was found in Day One.

GAME 1: Arch Rival v. No Coast, 349-80

A sizable advantage did not take long to build as Arch Rival launched a 43-0 rally, beginning with Brickyard’s 32-point power jam , followed by four from Bricktator, and finishing with Annie Swanson’s seven. No Coast whittled the score to 55-17 following Christy Johnson’s 13-point power jam with 19:55 in the half. An Arch Rival 40-0 rally, punctuated by back-to-back 18-point power jams from Mighty Mighty Boston and Brickyard, extended St. Louis’ lead to 95-17 with 13:40 left in the period. A 75-0 run from Arch Rival over the period’s final seven jams pushed the score to 196-43 at intermission.

Johnson collected 4 for No Coast to start the second period, and then Arch Rival responded with another scoring rally, 60-0, to push the score to 256-47 with 19:30 left in the period. St. Louis broke the 300-point barrier down the stretch as Brickyard’s 4-1 strike with 9:35 left pushed its lead to 300-68. Arch Rival’s stubborn defense contained the Mad Maxines’ scoring to 37 points in the second period and St. Louis notched the 269-point win that raised its 2015 record to 3-0.

Arch Rival's Brickyard busts through a No Coast wall. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Arch Rival’s Brickyard busts through a No Coast wall. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

GAME 2: Arizona v. Demolition City, 189-183

Game two turned out the be the weekend’s nail biter as #35 Arizona posted a 189-183 come-from-behind, last-jam victory over #43 Demolition City. Tied 35-35 eight minutes in, Demolition City’s Hurtz Donut posted a nine-point strike to break the deadlock. DCRD extended its lead to 81-52 with 9:15 left in the period following Donut’s 11-point power jam. Arizona’s R2DEATH2 posted a ten-pointer to shave the score to 81-62 and Demo’s Sigmund Droid countered with a dozen to extend Evansville’s lead to 93-62 with 5:20 left in the period. The Tent City Terrors finished the period strong with a 37-10 run, highlighted by Luz Chaos’ 20-pointer at the 3:35 mark, that made the game 103-99, still in favor of DCRD at intermission.

Arizona warming up. Photo by Jeff Higgins

Arizona warming up. Photo by Jeff Higgins

Second period scoring was tight and Arizona tied the score, 121-121, with 21:50 left in the game. Back and forth momentum shifts progressed throughout the period and the Terrors grabbed its first double-digit lead of the contest after Chaos’ 14-point power jam with 11:10 left pushed the AZRD lead to 164-149. Demolition City vaulted back and went on 34-4 rally. With Bambi ThumpHer’s 14-point power jam on the game’s penultimate jam, DCRD regained the lead, 183-168. Then on the final rotation, Arizona’s Chaos sprinted to the front, grabbed lead, and then went on a power jam with a Demo jammer track cut. The Terrors proceeded to score 21 points to conclude the game, snatch the six-point come-from-behind win, finish “Thrill” 2-1 and improve to 5-1 overall on the season.

GAME 3: Twin City v. Tiger Bay 233-142

Strong late-game scoring helped #88 Twin City out-muscle #60 Tiger Bay, 233-142, in the third contest of the day. Ahead 56-52 midway through the first, Twin City’s Anthrobrawlogist posted 14 that pushed the score to 70-52. A power Jam from Tiger Bay’s Torrible and Pip Gray narrowed the lead to 93-78 with 2:05 left in the period. Twin City surged to finish the period with Brass Monke’s 16-5 power jam that made the score 109-83 at intermission.

That 26-point differential would be seen again as the second period progressed. With 20:11 remaining, Twin City maintained a 129-103 lead. Back-to-back four-pointers collected by Anthrobrawlogist and Regina SPECTRE pushed the score to 137-103. Tiger Bay’s Block Beauty responded with a 14-point power jam on the next rotation to narrow the score to 137-117 with 16:15 left. Twin City went on an impressive two jam rush that began a swell of late-game points. Anthrobrawlogists’ seven point strike was followed by SPECTRE’s 20-point power jam that widened the lead to 164-117 with 11:50 left. The Evil Twins outscored Tiger Bay, 124-59, in the second period to pick up the 233-142 victory and finish “Thrill” 1-2. With the setback, Tiger Bay finished the weekend 1-3.

GAME 4: No Coast v. St. Chux, 257-133

Game four saw #38 No Coast bounce back from Sunday’s early-morning setback to Arch Rival, and double-up “Thrill” hostesses St. Chux, 257-133, to finish the weekend 2-1. Leading 36-35 twelve minutes deep, No Coast’s Anna Cassube posted 13 points at the 14:45 mark to give the Mad Maxines a 49-35 advantage. SCDC held tight and whittled the margin to 54-46 with 8:30 left following Jedi Knight-N-Gale’s two-point tally. No Coast proceeded finish the period with 49-11 run, punctuated by Beth Kempf’s 19-point period-ending power jam, to give the Mad Maxines a 103-57 halftime lead.

Cassube and Kempf paced multi-pass scoring jams in the second period and No Coast widened the differential. Eight minutes deep into the final frame, the Mad Maxines sported a 146-78 lead. St. Chux tried to mount a charge, but No Coast held the Pack In Black at bay and widened the score to 190-85 with 13:50 left. The Mad Maxines outscored SCDC in the second period, 154-76, to pick up the victory.

GAME 5: Burning River v. Junction City, 153-122

In Sunday’s fifth match-up, #101 Burning River utilized a 36-0 run in the latter stretches of the first half to post its third WFTDA rankings shake-up of the weekend, a 153-122 victory over #94 Junction City. Leading 60-25 with 8:00 left in the period, BRRD’s …ooohSHINEE netted scoring jams of 14, 9, and 5 to highlight the sprint. Cleveland sported a 96-25 lead at intermission.

To its credit, Junction City surged in the second half and whittled away at the lead. Trainwrecks’ jammer, Pickle, notched an 11-pointer with 12:30 left to play to make the score 114-83. Junction City tightened the score to 139-122 with Canadian Bacon’s dozen scored on the penultimate jam. In the final rotation, BRRD’s Mary Kaos collected a 14-point power jam and preserved the win. With the 31-point victory, Burning River finished the weekend 3-0 and improved to 6-0 overall.

GAME 6: Arch Rival v. Naptown, 316-101

On paper, #23 Arch Rival seemed like an overwhelming favorite over #27 Naptown in game six. The former posted 300-point-plus win over Arizona on Saturday while the latter fell to Arizona by almost 150 points that same day. Triangulation did not apply in the first fifteen minutes as the Tornado Sirens aggressively, and effectively, tackled St. Louis. Scoring jams paced by Naptown’s Maiden America resulted in 13, 15, and 10-point strikes. Midway through the first period, Naptown sported a 58-32 lead. Arch Rival then unleashed a punishing 104-0 rally over the next ten minutes. Jammer Mighty Mighty Boston began the sprint with a 24 power jam with 14:14 left in the first period to draw the game to two points, 58-56. Brickyard’s 14-point power jam flipped the scoreboard to St. Louis’ favor, 70-58. When the dust had settled on the triple-digit sprint with 4:00 left in the half, Arch Rival held a 136-58 lead. An additional 17-0 run in the final jams gave St. Louis a 153-66 lead at intermission.

The momentum carried over into the second period. Bricktator’s 28-point power jam at the 21:10 mark pushed Arch Rival’s lead to 204-73. They would eclipse the 300-point barrier with Annie Swanson’s 14-point strike with 4:05 left, resulting in a 307-98 score. Stifling St. Louis defense propelled the remainder of the contest as the higher-ranked league outscored Naptown, 163-45, in the second period to pick up the 215-point victory and collect a three-game sweep. Annie Swanson finished with 99 points for Arch Rival, who improved to 4-0 overall.

Naptown v. Arch Rival. Photo by Jeff Higgins

Naptown v. Arch Rival. Photo by Jeff Higgins

GAME 7: Demolition City v. St. Chux, 160-94

The final battle at “Thrill” saw St. Chux fall to rival Demolition City, 160-94. Leading 35-22 twelve minutes deep, Demolition City’s Bambi ThumpHer collected 19 on the power jam to push the score to 54-22 with 15:30 left in the period. An 8-point power jam from St. Chux’s Sugar Shock on the next rotation narrowed the score to 60-30. DCRD maintained a 92-59 lead at intermission.

In the second period, after St. Chux had scored 9 straight to launch the frame, DCRD’s ThumpHer posted a 12-point power jam four minutes deep to extend Demolition City’s lead to 104-68. Stepheree added a dozen of her own, with 15:45 left to push the lead to 127-75. The Evansville rollers outscored SCDC, 68-35, in the final frame to pick up the 66-point win and finish the weekend 1-2. St. Chux concluded its weekend 1-3.

Most Valuable Player awards, as selected by those in attendance, were given to the following players.

ARCH RIVAL: Brickyard
ARIZONA: Luz Chaos
JUNCTION CITY: Malibu Harbie
NO COAST: Christy Johnson
NAPTOWN: Wicked Bombshell
TIGER BAY: Dos Santos
TWIN CITY: Anthrobrawlogist
ST. CHUX: Jedi Knight-N-Gale


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