Skate to Thrill Day 1 Recap

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(ST. PETERS, MO) Day One of the second annual Skate to Thrill invitational at Matteson Square Gardens lived up to its namesake. Highlights of the day included the Arch Rival’s dominant win over Arizona, the lowest-ranked league posting a pair of upsets and a plethora of hard-charging efforts from teams looking to gain traction in the rankings.

GAME 1: Burning River  v. Tiger Bay , 166-150

Saturday morning’s game featured #101 Burning River improving its mark to 4-0 with a 166-150 upset of #60 Tiger Bay in a game that featured numerous momentum shifts and ten lead changes. The Cardiff, UK-based Brawlers held a 92-59 lead over at half time, but Burning River power jams whittled the deficit to 125-112 with 14:40 left in regulation.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Burning River flipped the scoreboard, 136-134, after Mary Kaos’ 24 point-power jam with 12:30 left to play. BRRD’s stubborn defense held off a potential game-winning power jam by Tiger Bay in the penultimate jam to preserve a three-point lead. Burning River’s Lula netted 13 points on the final jam to win by 16 points.

GAME 2: No Coast v. Demolition City , 217-172

The second game saw a topsy-turvy battle between #38 No Coast and #43 Demolition City. The Mad Maxines of No Coast raced out to a 55-10 lead early on. Demolition City went on a 77-33 run over the next twelve minutes and narrowed the gap to a two-point affair, 89-87. No Coast rebounded late in the period and stretched its lead to 106-93 at halftime.

Demolition City churned an early second–period sprint and took the lead, 134-128, with 22:40 remaining in regulation following Flex A. Belle’s 20-point power jam. No Coast responded, 172-164, with 9:30 left, the Mad Maxines went on a 45-8 run in the remaining minutes to en route to the 45-point victory.

GAME 3: Arizona v. Naptown ,  262-115

Saturday’s second rankings upset saw #35 Arizona terrorize #27 Naptown, 262-115. Leading 18-12 eight minutes in, Arizona amassed a 44-2 rally,

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

punctuated by R2DEATH2’s 14-point strike that widened the score to 62-14. Naptown cut the deficit to 73-42 following Veronica Dodge’s 10-point power jam. Two rotations later, R2DEATH2’s 24-point non-lead power jam stretched the Tent City Terrors’ lead to 97-42.

Leading 129-51 at the half, Arizona went on a 28-0 run, paced by Carbomb-Ya, pushed the lead to triple-digits, 157-51 with 26:00 left in the contest. The Arizona Tent City Terrors went on to outscore the Tornado Sirens, 132-64, in the second period and opened eyes with the 147-point duke.

GAME 4: St. Chux v. Tiger Bay , 223-183

Skate to Thrill hostesses #36 St. Chux toppped #60 Tiger Bay, 223-183, with a late game rally. Trailing 70-35 after jam 14, Tiger Bay’s Steph Howarth notched a 28-point jam with 9:45 left in the period that sliced the St. Chux lead to 70-63. A pair of Pack in Black 14-pointers from Jedi Knight-N-Gale and Sleazy E pushed the score to 98-63 two jams later.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

St. Chux widened its lead to 117-77 at halftime and glided to a 173-106 cushion midway through the second period. Undaunted, Tiger Bay clawed its way back and trailed only by 24 points, 179-155 with 6:20 left in regulation. SCDC defense went into lockdown mode over the next five minutes with the aforementioned 37-0 run, punctuated by Knight-N-Gale’s 24-point strike in the game’s penultimate jam. St. Chux improved to 2-3 with the 40-point win.

GAME 5: Burning River v. Twin City , 147-113

Burning River upset #88 Twin City, 147-113. With ten minutes left in the first period, BRRD pulled within 2 points after a 13-0 run, bringing the score to 51-49. Twin City maintained a 71-67 lead at halftime.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Burning River’s 18-0 sprint to start the second period resulted in an 85-71 lead change. Twin City countered with a 19-4 stretch over the next five jams and posted a 90-89 edge. BRRD regained the lead with a 25-point power jam from Professor Booty, snatched a 114-90 edge and never looked back. The Cleveland rollers outscored Twin City, 80-42, in the second period to complete Saturday’s “Thrill” sweep.

GAME 6: Tiger Bay v. Junction City , 116-110

Tiger Bay finished Saturday with 1 win and 2 losses after their victory over #94 Junction City, who only had 10 skaters in the line-up. Tied 37-37 with nine minutes left in the first, both teams traded points down the stretch and Tiger Bay took a 52-51 lead at halftime following Howarth’s three-point period-ending jam.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

It provided the catalyst for a 15-0 Brawlers’ second half opening run that extended the lead to 67-5. Back-to-back five-pointers from Howarth and Bloxie pushed the advantage to 77-55. The Tiger Bay veteran added nine via the power jam midway through the half, extending the lead to 93-68.

Junction City whittled the deficit to three points, 103-100, and then flipped the scoreboard to their favor, 108-103, following Malibu Harpy’s eight-point power jam on the next rotation. The Brawlers finished with a 13-2 run in the final rotations to for the win.

GAME 7: Arch Rival v. Arizona , 406-59

The weekend’s highest–ranked league, #23 Arch Rival, dismantled #35 Arizona, 406-59. Two jams in, Arch Rival jammer Bricktator posted 36 points. After Arizona’s R2DEATH2 collected two points, Arch Rival exploded with a 49-0 rally, capped by Brickyard’s 10-pointer that pushed the lead to 81-2. Bricktator scored 30 via the power jam on the period’s penultimate rotation to extend the St. Louis lead 166-19.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Leading 175-19 at halftime, Arch Rival barreled a 90-21 run the second period and widened the margin to 265-40. St. Louis capitalized on second-period power jams and their lead blossomed, outscoring the Tent City Terrors 231-40 in the final frame to pick up the 347-point win and improve to 2-0. Bricktator scored 137 points for Arch Rival. Arizona finished Day One with 1 win and 1 loss and head into Sunday’s docket with a 4-1 record.

GAME 8: Naptown v. St. Chux , 175-163

Game eight saw a wild affair between #36 St. Chux and #27 Naptown, claimed by the Tornado Sirens on the final jam in a 175-163 win. Trailing 23-11, Naptown posted a 65-4 scoreboard-flipping rally over the next eight minutes and held a 76-27 lead after NRG’s Wicked Baum Chelle collected a 16-point power jam. St. Chux managed to slice away at the deficit and narrowed the lead 93-70.

The Pack In Black opened the second-period with a 27-5 run to make the

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

bout a solo-point affair, 98-97. Both squads went on momentum swings. The Tornado Sirens’ Maiden America collected a baker’s dozen on the next jam to provide a 155-137 cushion. SCDC’s Knight-N-Gale collected 13 points herself on the next rotation to whittle the lead to 155-150.

St. Chux jammer Knight-N-Gale’s 11-point power jam on the penultimate rotation flipped the scoreboard towards the Pack In Black, 163-155. On the final jam, Baum Chelle gained lead for Naptown and a power jam when SCDC’s jammer cut the track. Twenty points ensued and resulted in the come-from-behind 175-163 win. Both the Naptown and St. Chux finished Day One with 1-1 records.

GAME 9: Junction City v. Twin City , 172-119

In Saturday’s finale, #94 Junction City netted Day One’s fourth win by a lower-ranked league with its 172-119 victory over #88 Twin City. Junction City jammer Pickle collected a 19-6 jam to flip the scoreboard to the Trainwrecks’ favor, 28-22. The lead stretched to 46-30 midway through the period after Junction’s Malibu Harby posted a grand slam.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Twin City whittled away at the lead inevitably tied the score deep in the period as Evil Twins’ jammer Brass Monke tied the score 66-66 with one minute remaining. Black Eye Betty added a 10-6 power jam on the period’s final jam, giving Twin City a 76-70 lead at halftime.

Stubborn blocking by Junction City highlighted the second period. The Trainwrecks held Twin City to a solo lead jam in final fifteen minutes. In the process, Junction City outscored the Evil Twins, 102-43, en route to the 53-point duke and finished Day One with a 1-1 record while Twin City ended Saturday 0-2.

Seven sanctioned games are on Sunday’s docket, including Arch Rival vs. Naptown, No Coast vs. St. Chux and Burning River’s battle with Junction City that sees the Ohioans look for a “Thrill” trifecta.


8 AM – No Coast vs. Arch Rival

9:30 AM – Demolition City vs. Arizona

11 AM – Tiger Bay vs. Twin City

12:30 PM – No Coast vs. St. Chux

2:30 PM – Burning River vs. Junction City

4 PM – Naptown vs. Arch Rival

5:30 PM – Demolition City vs. St. Chux

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