Skate Odyssey: Tiger Bay Arrests Crime City, 244-212


GENT, BELGIUM–Bout three of the first day was the first of the quarterfinal round–Cardiff’s Tiger Bay Brawlers vs Malmö’s Crime City Rollers. The tournament’s fourth and fifth seeds were expected to play a fast-paced and hard-hitting encounter, and so it came to pass. A controversial end to the bout saw 20 points come off Crime City’s score with under two minutes on the clock–and Tiger Bay finished 244-212 winners.

Kid Block and Ankefar opened the bout–and it was Ankefar who had lead by turn one as she squeezed around the outside. Solid Tiger Bay defence held her to 2-0 despite Kid Block being held up in the pack.

It was in jam six that Tiger Bay finally got on the board when Ankefar hit the box after Kid Block had been called lead–and within seconds Tiger Bay had the lead as Kid made light work of the very light Crime City pack to make it 20-9 in favour of Tiger Bay.

Curly outmuscled Tiger bay to put up Crime City’s first grand slam of the bout next time out. But Dos Santos’ hitting combined with Chanthell’s holding to make JJ Fury’s life uncomfortable as Billie Pistol put up points.

Ankefar was then harshly boxed on a backblock as she burst through the tiniest of gaps in a Tiger Bay wall, and Kid Block extended the Tiger Bay lead–again with only two Crime City blockers on the track to defend the powerjam.

Chant Hell extended the lead further as Pip and Thrill Collins held Ankefar when she escaped from the box; that left it 63-24 to Tiger Bay at the half way point in the first period.

Pack penalties continued to plague Crime City. A backblock call on Boba Fetish gave Ankefar an opportunity to claw back–but Dos Santos had other ideas, repeatedly nudging the Crime City jammer out of play and recycling her back around the track. Fetish even stole some points on her return, leaving Tiger Bay with a 69-41 lead with the clock stopped on 12:55 for an official time-out.

The next few made little difference to the margin until one where Jolly Pop hit the box. JJ Fury was struggling on the powerjam with Dos Santos, and eventually took one hit too many before falling to her knees and passing the star from the floor to Curly. Curly then hit the box on a forearm major with the star, but stole points and lead form the box next jam. That passage of play left it 94-60 to Tiger Bay with a little over five minutes in the period remaining.

Ankefar was frustrated into the box after Chant Hell got lead in the next jam, and some physical offence from Kid Block let her through to make it 121-60 with a 27-0 jam. A muscular 4-0 for Curly followed–but an 11-0 jam closed the half out for Tiger Bay who took a 129-67 lead into the locker room.

Billie Pistol hit the box on a forearm major in the second jam of the second period as Curly juked and bludgeoned her way through a light Tiger Bay pack–but Kid Block and Bloxie Blackout teamed up to force a cut on the straightaway and limit the damage on her fourth scoring pass.

Chant Hell then made it 154-87 as she took advantage of most of Curly’s penalty. But Ankefar finally showed what she was capable of in fourth jam of the second period putting up a 15-0 with Pistol stuck in the pack. But Kid Block looked to have taken the wind out of Crime City’s sails next jam as she knocked JJ Fury out off the line and recycled her all the way back around the track into the front of the pack. But in the very next jam Bloxie tried the same trick after being called lead and would up with a cutting major of her own as she lost out in a fight with Ankefar out the front of the pack.

When that two-minuter ended Crime City had cut the deficit to 34 with a little over ten minutes gone. Curly and Fettish both visited the box in the following jam and the gap was maintained.

But Ankefar finished off the powerjam with a full Tiger Bay box, getting with three full scoring passes in with only Kid Block on the track for the Cardiff team. After that two-minute jam Crime City held a 181-175 lead. Ankefar had made good on the promise shown in jam three of the period and put up 40 unanswered points as Fenix held up Fettish in the pack for the duration, and the rest of her pack laying down offensive hits, and turned the bout on its head.

But Chant Hell retook the lead at the first time of asking as Curly hit the box–and put up 22 unanswered points to make it 197-181.

Tiger Bay forced another negative pass on JJ Fury in jam 13 after Chant Hell knocked her out of bounds off the line, and it paid instant dividends as Fury hit the box seconds after being reabsorbed. That 20-0 for Chant Hell gave the Cardiff team a measure of comfort with seven minutes left to play, sitting at 219-187.

A time-out followed that saw Alotta Riot removed from play after her seventh major penalty was assessed, after which Kid Block lined up unopposed. Bloxie then forced an illegal re-entry into Fury as she came out of the box, leaping backwards just before Fury re-entered. That powerjam let Kid Block muscle the Cardiff team into a 244-187 lead.

A 20-0 for Curly after a star pass two jams later looked to have ensured Crime City weren’t quite out of touch as the bout entered its closing stages. However, an official time-out followed that, with the Tiger Bay cheering section terrifying the crowd with a fearsome display of close-harmony singing.

That time-out ended with 20 points deducted from the Crime City score after the star pass was ruled to be illegal as Curly was queueing for the box when she was passed the star.

Ankefar instantly enlivened the Crime City cheering section as she juked around Santos and Kid Block–and when Bloxie got another forearm call trying some defensive jamming she managed to restore those 20 points and add five more–leaving Tiger Bay with a 244-212 lead with under a minute left in the bout.

Chant Hell got the final lead call of the bout in the next jam, and called it as the clock expired with no change to the score.

Tiger Bay proceed to the semi-finals tomorrow; Crime City enter the consolation bracket first thing tomorrow morning against the Lincolnshire Bombers.

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