Skate Odyssey: Stockholm Survives Windsor, 296-150


GENT, BELGIUM–In the seventh place playoff the ninth-seeded Windsor took on the fourth-seeded Stockholm. The Swedes shrugged off their earlier disappointments and took seventh place with a comfortable 296-150 win despite Windsor doubling their points total in the closing ten minutes.

The win was, however, marred first by an expulsion for Stockholm’s Mad Maloony and then an injury to team captain Swede Hurt which saw her stretchered off with just under 8 minutes to go.

Mad Maloony finally showed some of the form that won her such plaudits at Track Queens in the first jam of the game with a 24-0 jam as Only, Swede Hurt and Polygamy Winehouse controlled Vix.

Stockholm put up 52 points in the first five minutes before Culverhouse took advantage of a deeply unfortunate low block call on Winehouse as she tangled with Trashbag to put up 9. A powerjam at the fifteen-minute mark let Windsor put their next points on the board with a 10-0 for Cle-Blam-O made it 101-19.

A 20-0 Maloony powerjam on her return to the track more than made up for her transgression though, as Stockholm’s dominance continued. Windsor did put up 3 one powerjam and then 10 in another–but finished the half without a single non-powerjam point on the board, 159-32 behind.

Six seconds into the second half Maloony got Stockholm’s first lead call of the period to set them on their way–though Windsor did steal their first two points without the help of a jammer penalty that jam too.

Six jams later Riley Cyrus got points with Maloony on the track as the Stockholm jammer elected to run the jam to try and clear her box–but lost the jam heavily regardless.

Consecutive lead calls for Windsor followed that–and Culverhouse used the second to put up the first natural grand slam of the game for Windsor with an 8-3 jam win to take Windsor to 52, with Stockholm sitting pretty on 237.

The lead was approaching 200 when Maloony let the clock run and gave Windsor 6 more in a long jam in which she notched up 22 of her own. A 4-4 off a lead call for Cle-Blam-O at the half way point of the half as Stockholm hit pack penalty problems.

Shortly after that Maloony tried an apex jump at the whistles and took out Vix at the ankles. That hit saw Maloony ejected for gross misconduct during the official time-out that followed, which let Cle-Blam-O in for a 10-0 powerjam as momentum started to swing quite dramatically towards Windsor. Culverhouse got 3 powerjam points of her own next time out to make it 265-75 with 11:25 left.

A few jams later the bout was interrupted for a lengthy time-out while medics attended to Stockholm captain Swede Hurt, who had to be removed from the field of play on a stretcher.

Windsor did make some inroads into the Stockholm lead in the subdued atmosphere of the closing stages courtesy, in part, of some vintage wrecking-ball offence from Trashbag and a powerjam from Cle-Blam-O to close out the bout.

Things finished 296-150 in Stockholm’s favour as the fourth-seeded Swedish team secured a seventh-placed finish and left the ninth-seeded Windsor in eigth.

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