Skate Odyssey: Rainy City Drowns Lincolnshire, 272-112


GENT, BELGIUM–The final day of A Skate Odyssey opened in similar fashion to the final day of the last day of the last European WFTDA tournament–with the tournament third seed fighting to avoid the wooden spoon. Thankfully for Rainy City they were more successful in this aim in Gent than Central City were in Berlin; they ran out 272-112 winners over the tenth-seeded Lincolnshire Bombers.

A 1-1 opening jam gave the impression the bout could a be a tense one, but a 4-0 for Randi Razorlegs over Mills set Rainy on their way. The penalties racked up both both teams, but the Bombers’ jammers had significantly more trouble one-on-one with the Rainy blockers than vice-versa.

That meant with ten minutes gone the Rainy lead was a healthy 37-2 when Mills livened up the early morning crowd with a rare lead call for Lincs and a big jump–but she landed on her knees when calling it, and so failed to add to the total, to the audible disgust of the under-caffeinated crowd.

Moments later the Lincs supporters found themselves with even less reason for cheer when Kathital Punishment–their sole effective jammer from yesterday–picked up the game’s first jammer penalty with Missy Rascal already scoring. Missy made it 68-2 and froze Kat in the box; Katastrophic Kandi put up 10 to finish things off.

But Cleo Fracture ensured Total Melfunction’s first jam of the weekend was a powerjam. But Randi and Salvador Vari combined in the pack to force a cut on her second scoring pass. The jam ended with Cleo returning on a cut of her own, and Melfunction managed to make it 80-21 before calling it with Cleo standing.

The next jam saw both jammers hit the box too, but Cleo got the better of things when they both returned. Kelly Kaos got stuck behind Randi, Oona Bomber and Maddy Nuff, and was forced into a star pass. While they pulled off that pass successfully, Mills had even less luck with the star–Randi forced the cut and sent her to the box.

Elle Loco took the lion’s share of that penalty’s rewards as she pushed Rainy past 100. Oona Bomber, Missy Rascal and Dee Mise took turns wailing on Kat in the period’s final jam, knocking her down and recycling her for the full two minutes–and that let Fayetal Blonde make the lead 158-33 at the half.

The opening of the coffee concession and something of a half-time dance party lifted the atmosphere in the Sporthal Driebeek–but also marked something of a reversal in Lincolnshire’s fortunes. A 23-0 run to open the half for Rainy looked to kept the forecast bleak for the Bombers, though Kat her bench burst quite literally into song with a 14-point powerjam.

That powerjam was immediately followed by another for Lincs–this one compounded by a 4-1 pack advantage for Mills. Her 37 points in that jam were more than her team had managed in the whole of the first half, and took the Rainy lead under 100 briefly–though Kandi did get points on leaving the box to leave it at 192-92 with ten minutes gone in the period. Kat and Lil Cherry Kicker did take the lead under 100 with their first consecutive lead calls of the bout.

But Mills gave up a powerjam of her own after that, and the 100-point lead was restored. The Rainy jammers continued to push Lincs walls out before juking in to burst through for lead–and then sailing round the outside for points as Lincs switched to offence. Missy Rascal’s penalty problems continued to plague her weekend, but this time her team didn’t suffer for them with Lincs jammers generally following her to the box whenever she found herself on her way there with the star.

Rainy’s lead just got bigger for the rest of the bout–they finished 272-112 winners to secure ninth place and ensure they didn’t suffer repeat the last place finish of the Track Queens’ third seed, Central City.

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