Skate Odyssey: Leeds Storms Rainy, 246-175


GENT, BELGIUM–Bout four of A Skate Odyssey saw two local rivals take to the track–Leeds Roller Dolls and Manchester’s Rainy City Roller Girls. In the end it was the Yorkshire team who were victorious, taking advantage of a slew of jammer penalties for their Mancunian opponents to win 246-175.

Randi Razorlegs opened the bout with a 4-0 over Charisse Chapman (nee Cecee), and a 4-0 for Missy Rascal swiftly followed.

R.I.P.unzel put up Leeds’ first points in jam three before Missy Rascal hit the box with the star for Rainy in jam four. Chapman broke through for Leeds’ first lead call, and eventually pushed through for their first lead of the bout too.

The lead didn’t last though, as Bruise ‘em Banshee cut her way to the box in jam five to release Missy. It was 28-13 when the jam expired–but at the whistles Missy was boxed on a second forearm call. Randi and Oona Bomber ensured that R.I.Punzel’s first pass took its time, and slowed her scoring passes just enough to maintain the Rainy City lead, 32-27 with ten minutes gone.

Successive hit-and-quit jams saw Rainy inch in front with blockers from both teams queueing for the box. A third forearm major inside the first 20 minutes for Missy let Banshee in for a powerjam–but with both packs full she took almost half the penalty time fighting with Oona Bomber to get lead. She put up 10 points in short order after that though–leaving Leeds trailing 51-50 with Missy standing in the box.

Chapman put up a 3-0 before being forced into a call with Leeds leading by 2. A long 3-2 jam for Roberts and Hydra Electric halved Leeds’s lead before Banshee put up a natural grand slam to make the lead 6.

The lead stayed in single digits as the teams again traded hit-and-quit jams. But a fourth forearm major of the half for Missy Rascal let Chapman finally put the lead into double digits. Skatewell Tart then made it 25 going into the final jam of the period. Banshee was then adjudged to have levelled a Rainy blocker with her forearms as she thought she was breaking through for lead, and that meant Roberts could cut the lead back down to 6 as the half expired.

Randi then opened Rainy’s second-half account too, sealing a 4-point pass with a skip over the apex to make the deficit 2. Missy Rascal thought she’d retaken the lead for Rainy only to see Banshee stick the landing for an apex jump at the whistles to make the jam a wash and keep Leeds’ noses in front.

Missy Rascal was out and scoring when she got her fifth major as she barreled into the back of a flat Leeds wall and levelled one of its components. That jam went the full two minutes–and it ended with Leeds holding a 115-93 lead as Missy got in a couple of scoring passes after being released.

Another forearm call–this time on Randi–followed. Banshee took advantage, adding 9 before R.I.Punzel polished off the powerjam and made it 134-97.

Missy Rascal then would have single-handedly erased had it not been for the work of Chapman and Shere Carnage in the pack, and then a sixth major being called on the Rainy jammer with 12 minutes gone in the period looked to effectively end her day with the star. Dee Mise made sure R.I.Punzel couldn’t do too much damage on the powerjam, and Rainy stayed in touch.

Randi then cut her way to the box, and Hydra Electric patiently put up several slow and considered grand slams to give Leeds a 169-121 lead. She picked up another cut two jams later and Banshee took her turn to carefully push the lead up without risking a box trip of her own.

With ten minutes left in the period Leeds led 194-129 with their sights set on an upset of the tournament third seed. Chapman saw them past the double century as misery heaped upon misery for Rainy jammers. Katastrophic Kandi was boxed during her first turn with the star–and was boxed again for a star pass violation on her return. Leeds kept it safe with Kandi boxed. In the next jam Missy Rascal fouled out as Pivot with six minutes left–but Kandi did finally get a points return for her jamming efforts with 3 at the death to make it 229-136 with 4:46 remaining.

While Rainy did pick u a run of lead calls towards the end, Leeds kept their skaters on the track and did enough to make the bout safe, despite a careless cut forced on by Sookie Sockem on Chapman in the penultimate jam. A final cut major on Roberts in the final jam after she had been called lead closed the bout out with a two-minute jam, and Leeds finished 242-174 winners.

Leeds progress to the semi-finals tomorrow at 3.45pm CEST against the winner of Helsinki and Stockholm, while Rainy City face Royal Windsor in the consolation bracket at 11.15am CEST.

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