Skate Odyssey: Gent Stymies Windsor, 175-160


GENT, BELGIUM–It fell to the Royal Windsor Rollergirls to take on the home team in the final game of day two of a Skate Odyssey. While they did lead in the first half, Gent managed to find just enough to hold them at bay and book a place in the fifth-place playoff with a 175-160 win.

Gent’s Olga Volt got the first points on the board after a rapid first lead call of the game. Hit-and-quits for both followed before a penalty on Windsor’s Cle-Blam-O let Pussypit in for a 19-0.

Windsor edged back with a series of hit-and-quit jams took them to within a single pass of Gent’s total with 15 minutes gone. Vix was just putting the tying points on the board when Double U Jay was boxed on a cut forced by Mouth’s sharp backtracking and a hit from Stewart. When Vix was done she had turned a five-point deficit into a 19-point lead, and timed the call to freeze Jay in the box along with two Gent blockers. Jay broke through quickly after escaping as Windsor’s pack vanished to the box, stopping the scoring.

Martacus did end Gent’s scoring drought next time out, but Windsor got themselves back on the track as both teams found a rare clean passage of play to keep things five-on-five to keep honours almost even until a major cut on Vix with 3:05 left on the clock let Jay tie it up at 65-65. But a low block call on her sprung Vix and let her restore the lead, 70-65. But she backblocked her way to the box on her next scoring pass to let Jay make it a one-point game.

Olga Volt lined up unopposed to close out the half on a high for Gent–they went into the halftime break with an 88-70 lead.

Volt opened Gent’s account in the second period too with a 4:2 pack advantage with a 4-2 jam despite a lead call for Culverhouse. A 4-1 for Jay, a 4-0 for Pussypit and a 4-0 for Martacus followed–but Windsor’s aggressive disengagement strategy continued to limit the damage when they failed to get lead as Gent struggled to stay in play once their jammer was clear.

Jam 7 saw both Culverhouse and Volt hit the box–and the Windsor jammer cut a little way into the Gent lead. A high block by Volt in the dying seconds of the jam meant Sutures could line up unopposed next jam and make it 109-85 before Evil Spin-Her forced a cut. Laptalis and Stewart made life hard for Volt and limited her to 4 during the full minute of Suture’s penalty.

12 points across three jams nudged Windsor towards the century as they got in on the hit-and-quit action, but neither team could manage to put a jam together with more than one scoring pass until Pussypit put up a 9-0 with 13:24 left as Miss Miyagi held Sutures for two full passes to make it 133-99.

Single pass jams again became the order of the day as the teams traded blows and Windsor closed in. But as the gap threatened to get below 20 Culverhouse was boxed on a cut. That let Martacus and Jay push Gent into a 164-118 lead as the bout entered its final five minutes. A low block on Pussypit did let Cle-Blam-O undo a good chunk of that damage with a 20-0.

That left 2:29 on the clock and a 26-point lead for the Belgians to defend. A 4-3 win for Riley Cyrus over Martacus cut the gap to 25 with the clock frozen at 1:56.

The home crowd exploded as Jay got through for lead to take control of the clock–but a forearm major on Jay with under a minute to go gave Culverhouse a slim chance to seal a second last-jam win of the day. In the end it was just too much for her to do in the time that was left.

Gent finished 175-160 winners and progress to the fifth-place game against Crime City at 1.30 p.m. tomorrow; Windsor will fight for seventh at 11.15a.m.

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