Skate Odyssey: Crime City Punishes Stockholm, 245-188


GENT, BELGIUM–Malmo and Stockholm are among the closest cities to have teams represented here in Gent, and have historically played out very close competitive games. But the regional rivals didn’t deliver on that promise this time around thanks to a plethora of jammer penalties. Crime City won the drawn-out and disjointed affair 245-188 even though they spent the majority of the final four minutes without a jammer on the track.

For jam one it was the an all ex-figure-skater jam line with Ankefar and Mad Maloony getting things started. Maloony got lead and a quick five as Polygamy Winehouse and Emma Ryssfemma controlled Ankefar–and she called it at 9-0 moments later with Ankefar finally free.

Three lead calls for Crime City weren’t enough to erase that deficit, and at the end of jam 4 Curly Håår was picked up cutting as she tried to steal points at the death. That let Stockholm put up a 12 without reply. Jam 8 saw Tjutet take her first jam of the weekend–and she nearly put Crime City in the lead with Juana La Loca boxed, but sharp hitting from Swede Hurt meant the jam ended 25-24 in Stockholm’s favour. It was only momentary relief, though: Curly finished the job next time out before Polygamy Winehouse was boxed, and ended up with a 29-0 jam to leave Crime City in a commanding position.

Mad Maloony then hit the box twice in quick succession after being handed a powerjam of her own, with the second for re-entering the action just inside the front engagement zone with the pack at the entrance to turn one. Ankefar had made it 94-43 by the time an outraged Maloony burst out of the box and through the Crime City front wall to force the call.

With the half drawing to a close Fenix had a massive jam for Crime City as Nordic controlled Juana then Only for the full two minutes to leave it at 107-51 with time enough left for a couple of jams in the period. Those jams also went Crime City’s way, and they finished with a 129-53 halftime lead.

A four-jam 27-0 run for Crime City opened the second period before Juana put five up for Stockholm–but was frustrated on her second pass after failing to get lead and passed the star to Only. Only swiftly backblocked her way into the box, though, and Fury made the lead 99.

A 14-0 jam for Maloony gave Stockholm a base to work from to get themselves back into the bout. Polygamy Winehouse used that base and put up a 25-0 powerjam to make it 161-101 with 12 gone. That 46-0 run was ended by another huge Curly powerjam that made it 190-108.

A cut on Fury while she was on a powerjam stopped Crime City short of getting a 100-point lead and let Maloony peg the lead back to 76 points before Curly made it 80 as the final ten minutes began.

A Fenix powerjam finally gave Crime City that 100-point buffer with 7 minutes left–and that was more than enough to make the bout safe. Not even three jammer penalties in the last four minutes could spoil the day for Crime City, who finished 245-188 winners to progress to the fifth-placed playoff tomorrow at 1.30p.m.; Stockholm with play for seventh at 11.15a.m.

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