Skate Odyssey: Crime City Flattens Lincolnshire, 311-95


GENT, BELGIUM–After a day of relatively close games, day two opened with one that really wasn’t. Lincolnshire’s jammers just couldn’t handle Crime City’s hitting, and the team from Malmö finished 311-95 winners.

Both teams got the bout underway with a burst of song to enliven the early-morning crowd–but the first cheers came for Ankefar, who struggled for lead but then burst through untouched for a grand slam seconds later. She called it four points later before Lil Cherry Kick’her could score.

Curly Håår, JJ Fury and Ankefar all put up points after getting out for lead as Crime City successfully isolated Lincolnshire blockers and gave their jammers space to juke through the pack or just cruise through a clear lane with little bother.

In jam six Crime City’s Ankefar passed the star to Fenix when lead and scoring–and Fenix then pushed the Swedes past 50 as Kissy hit the box after trying and failing to pass the star herself. Curly outmuscled the flat Lincolnshire walls to put up a 37-0 and take Crime City into a 91-0 lead.

Jam 9 saw Kathital Punishment get the Bombers first lead call and points of the bout in her first turn with the star after dashing down a clear lane four right off the line to make it 95-4.

Two jams later there was mass confusion as Curly was sent off for a low block towards the end of a long high-speed jam–both benches thought the call off had been successful, and the track was briefly populated by two extra sets of players. Cherry managed to make it 98-17 before the clock expired.

Mills and Curly both hit the box in the next jam–but only five points went up in the full two minutes, leaving it 98-22 with 11:41 left in the half. Curly managed to snuff out that Lincs comeback a couple later as Cherry struggled with Muffa.

Evil Eye and Alotta Riot starred in the Crime City pack in the closing minutes as Crime City made their lead 100 despite keeping their box full to bursting; that left the half-time score 130-29.

A powerjam in jam six of the second period let Mills put up Lincs first points of the period after a strong start from the Malmö unit. Cherry finished off the powerjam, but couldn’t add any more points after being chased down and flattened by Ankefar, leaving Crime City with a 174-43 lead.

Fish forced a cut on Ankefar four jams later to let Punishment in to put 23 more on the board for Lincs. Cherry had real trouble with the combined forces of Nordic and Froken Smacky when Fury was boxed next time out, but still put up 10.

It was the thirteenth jam of the period that Lincs got their first lead call with a Crime City jammer on the track–and Punishment put up 4 to make it 193-80 with 12:30 left. She got lead and another 4-0 on her next trip out too, but was the only Lincs skater to find any manner of consistency with the star.

A botched star pass from Lincoln in the dying minutes added insult to injury and left Crime City with a 271-95 lead with 1:31 remaining. Mills was also boxed on a cut in the game’s final jam, which let Curly put up one more big jam and push Crime City past 300 with a 40-0 jam.

It finished 311-95 to Crime City; the Swedes now progress to a bout with Stockholm at 6pm for a place in the fifth-place game at 6p.m. and Lincolnshire will be fighting to avoid a last-place finish at 9a.m. tomorrow.

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