Skate Odyssey: Berlin Fends Off Leeds, 213-134


GENT, BELGIUM–The second semifinal was contested between the Leeds Roller Dolls and the Berlin Bombshells in front of an increasingly raucous Gent crowd. While Leeds stayed in touch for the entire bout, it was Bear City who took their third win in three attempts over the team from Yorkshire. The Berlin Bombshells won 213-134, and booked a final meeting with Wales’ Tiger Bay Brawlers.

A 1-0 jam for Leeds’ Charisse Chapman opened the bout–and a 3-2 second jam tied things up. Berlin’s Master Blaster gave the Germans their first lead next time out with a quick 4-0 despite being hit off the line by R.I.Punzel.

Master Blaster then made the lead 11-3 as Titty Twista and Heavy Rotation held Skatewell Tart on the inside line. It was a powerjam in jam 8 for Resident Shevil that let Berlin start to build a lead.

That lead was 31 when Master Blaster cut her way to the box–but R.I.Punzel backblocked her way in at the exact same moment to nullify the advantage. But on her return Master Blaster was called out on a forearm major and RIP made it 45-17 before being sent off for a cut as the jam ended.

While RIP didn’t have much time to serve she was stuck on her initial pass for two Master Blaster scoring passes, and the lead was 40.

Brute force from Banshee and a smart apex jump for Chapman cut the lead to 30 with 21 minutes gone. Very light packs characterised the next few minutes, but that seemed to suit Berlin better than Leeds, with Master Blaster in particular making hay against the micropacks. High speeds limited scoring, however–and jammer musical chairs to close out the half meant the last two minutes had more of an impact on the scoreboard than the preceding ten minutes–but the margin was almost unchanged regardless. Berlin took a slender 83-52 lead into the locker room at half time.

A Master Blaster powerjam opened the second period as Chapman’s penalty carried over–but another forearm call on the Berlin star sent her to the box before she could score, but after she’d been called lead. Leeds got the better of what ended up as a 14-9 jam as out-of-play calls decimated both packs.

Shevil restored the 30-point gap before a low block on Master Blaster during Temple of Doom’s first turn with the star–but Agent B. Fatale and Lizzy Slaughter limited Doom to 10 with Blaster in the box. Blaster stole a couple of passes after returning to play to erase Leeds’ gains.

A cut for Chapman meant it was Leeds’ turn to try and kill a penalty. Hydra Electric, Terror Track Doll and Fran Grenade held Tequila, limited her to three, and eventually forced the call. Shevil picked up a high block when trying to finish off the powerjam–but Chapman’s could only cut the deficit to 22 before being forced into a star pass with Shevil out.

Blaster then put up a natural 18-0 on RIP to restore the 40-point buffer, leaving the score at131-91 with 12 minutes in the period gone. Shevil managed to extend the lead past 60 when Hydra hit the box at the half-way point of the period.

Berlin kept Leeds’ at about that distance with the teams matching each other hit for hit and point for point. With five minutes on the clock Shevil hit the box with the star for as Titty Twista fouled out. Skatewell Tart played offense for Temple of Doom as she cut the deficit to 50, then 40, but points for Shevil at the end left Berlin leading 178-134 with 3 minutes remaining.

One more lead call for Master Blaster and a one more forearm major–this time on Bruise ‘em Banshee–in the next jam made the game safe for Berlin and effectively secured their place in the final. Tequila Knockout finished off the powerjam safely and called it as the period clock expired–and Berlin finished 213-134 winners.

The Berlin Bombshells will face Tiger Bay at 6p.m. tomorrow for the championship, while Leeds will face Helsinki for third at 3.45p.m.

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