This week, we're excited to announce our upcoming course for new skaters, which will be starting in Easter.  If you've ever fancied giving derby a try, or if you've been to one of our previous courses and want to refresh your skills, this is your chance! And if you want some inspiration for where the fresh meat course can get you, just take a look at this week's featured skater.

Weeding out jammers and a thorn in the side of blockers, this skater is definitely not a delicate flower.  Watch out, because she's done the maths and she's got your number - it's Rose CruncHer!

Rose CruncHer joined the league as a new skater in 2014, and immediately developed a reputation for being hard working and determined.  Her speed and footwork quickly impressed, and when it came to minimum skills her backwards lap was easily one of the fastest we've seen.  She has continued to hone her skills as strong blocker and a nimble jammer, and we were incredibly proud to vote her our Best Newcomer of 2014.

Rose CruncHer is our skater of the week following her great performance at Basingstoke's mixed bout this weekend, leaving us all excited to be on track with her in 2015 :D

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