Sioux Falls Outfoxes Fox Cityz, 227-83


APPLETON, WI — The Fox Cityz Foxz Scream Puffz (unranked, WFTDA North Central) completed an unfortunate trifecta in the (painfully) early morning hours of Sunday, March 6th, falling to fellow lower-case-z-pluralizerz the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz Doll Starz (officially #17 in the North Central via WFTDA, unranked nationally via DNN) for the third time in the last ten months — this time by a final of 227-83. Sioux Falls was coming off a 115-102 victory over Paper Valley (unranked, WFTDA North Central) on Saturday night.

After a 0-0 first jam, the visiting Doll Starz wasted no time in exploiting a 4-3 pack advantage and a boxed Fox Cityz jammer, racing thru the depleted Fox Cityz pack for multiple grand slams and a 23-4 lead after two jams. Any Fox Cityz hope of getting back in the game evaporated in a haze of penalty minutes – the Foxz went seventeen straight jams before managing to keep all five skaters on the track from whistle to whistle, ringing up well upwards of twenty minutes of penalty time in the first half, as opposed to just six for Sioux Falls. This disparity in sin bin occupancy allowed the Doll Starz’ jammer rotation of Hollicidal Maniac, Julia Wild, and Jackie O’Smashus to put up some pretty gaudy numbers, ringing up multiple scoring passes on nine of the period’s eighteen jams. At the break, Sioux City were up by the comfortable margin of 151-29.

Although the penalty minutes evened out in the second half, Fox Cityz could manifest no answer for the Roller Dollz’ simple-but-effective strategy of racing out and walling off the front of the pack. The home team repeatedly attempted to neutralize the Doll Starz’ walls by trapping a stray Doll Star at the rear of the pack, but the visitors continually countered this counter-strategy by slowing their speed to match the Foxz’ pace, never skating past the twenty foot limit that would put them out of play and force them to yield the right-of-way to the Foxz’ jammer. The Foxz had no counter-counter-counter strategy in place, and their beleaguered jammer corps spent the morning futilely pounding against the Roller Dollz’ walls like so many waves against a reasonably mighty breakwater. The final score of 227-83 was only a few points off the 229-79 result from October’s meeting in Sioux Falls.

Hollicidal Maniac of the Roller Dollz led all scorers with 84 points; Lotta Issues paced the Foxz with 24.

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