Sin City Torments Arizona, 211-130


EUGENE, OR–When both team had jammers on the track, Arizona (WFTDA 29) and Sin City (WFTDA 53) appeared more closely matched than either their rankings or the final score of this game suggest, but Sin City was able to capitalize on a 10:2 jammer penalty advantage to take the win 211-130.

The very first jam of the bout was a foreshadowing of things to come. Wily Arizona jammer Luz Chaos danced and ducked through the Sin City pack for a quick lead call, but before she put any points on the board she was called to the box for cutting the track. She was soon joined by two of her teammates and they watched as Arizona’s Dixie Dash put an unanswered 16 points on the board. Sin City would hold the lead for the entirety of the bout.

Over the next eight jams, the teams split lead jammer calls 50/50, and a series of ‘hit it and quit it’ jams by both teams kept Sin’s lead to 15 points. In the tenth jam, Luz Chaos again went to the box–this time for a back block–and despite stellar blocking efforts by Arizona’s Jill and Hannah Barbaric, Sin jammer DissLoKate was able to put 14 points up for the Vegas team.

The point margin then stayed at about 30 points, with both teams trading lead jammer status and neither team putting more than four points on the board at a time. Back to back trips to the box for Arizona jammer Loco Lena near the end of the half threatened to put Arizona out of the game, but a 20-point jam by Luz Chaos in the last jam of the half brought the score back to 108-70 in favor of Sin City.

Arizona came out swinging after the break, getting lead jammer nods for six of the first seven jams and narrowing Sin City’s lead to just 15 points. In the seventh jam of the first half, a full box for Arizona, including jammer Luz Chaos, gave Sin City the chance to take the score to a more comfortable 30 points.

Whenever it looked like Arizona might make a game of it, their jammers went to the box. Sin City, on the other hand, gave up a total of two power jams–both of them in the first half, compared to ten by Arizona. At the final whistle, Sin City took down their much higher ranked opponent 211-130.

Sin City take on Humbolt at 10.15a.m. on Saturday on track one; Arizona take to the track at 2.15p.m. on the non-broadcast track three.

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