Sin City Intraleague (!) Recap: Tommy Gun Terrors 108, Notorious VIP 80


LAS VEGAS, NV — Saturday, May 10th, 2008 was a milestone in the history of the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls. Their first intraleague bout in their three season history! “What gives,” you say. Wasn’t that supposed to happen first?

Las Vegas’ own WFTDA league has up until now always been a single team league. Each and every one of its bouts prior to this one has been an interleague bout. As far as your intrepid recapper can determine, they have always been WFTDA’s highest ranked travel team from a league of its size — fearlessly taking on and often beating the best skaters from leagues with three and four times the teams and skaters.

Sin City’s last interleague bout had the team skating without Devil’s Advo-Kate (out with a broken collarbone) and Athena Barbital (leg and ankle broken in three places). This prompted the league to take some time off from bouting, and focus on recruiting and getting its latest batch of new skaters ship-shape and ready for action. The league began growing faster than anyone had ever thought possible. The league reorganized and split into two teams, the “new-Vegas” Notorious VIP and the “old-Vegas” Tommy Gun Terrors. This bout was their first historic face-off, with the aforementioned injured skaters joined as captains by Skid and Bruce Killis.

The Tommy Gun Terrors got off to a stunning 14 point lead by the fourth jam, punctuated with Lali Pop skating a 7-0 shutout in the fourth jam. However, the VIP’s Pearly Gates outscored her opposing jammer almost every time she had the star, putting a few good-sized bites into their lead but never quite overtaking them. She scored a 4-0 shutout in jam 5 against Pirate and an 8-1 win over Shawna th’Dead in jam 9. Bruce Killis put in a great turn as jammer in the final jam of the first half, when she put up 5-0 against the short-skating Tommy Gun Terrors’ Alma Bichess. This left the bout with a 50-36 spread, the Tommy Gun Terrors leading by 14 points.

A few things became apparent during the first half. The Notorious VIPs, despite being put together largely of well-experienced blockers, were having some difficulty putting together a successful defense as their pack had difficulty stopping the Tommy Gun Terrors’ numerous jammers. And given that they were rotating the star mostly between three jammers, this appeared to sap their jammers’ stamina a bit.

The second half started with the TGT’s Skid clearing the pack first but not gaining lead. Pearly Gates obtained lead and called the jam at 0-0 before Skid could score.

Kelvikta the Blade followed this up with nine points to Black Belt Betty’s four. In the next jam Bruce Killis grabbed the lead and outscored Heatherface 3-2.

This steady increase in the Terrors’ lead continued until the fifth jam, when Kelvikta the Blade was sent to the slammer for four minors, and Pearly Gates took terrific advantage with an 8-0 jam, bringing the VIP within 10 points of the Terrors.

The score see-sawed between a surmountable 10 and 13 point Tommy Gun Terrors lead for the next eight jams, with a tussle between Sigourney Beaver and Alma Bichess resulting in both skaters being ejected from the bout. Black Belt Betty took a hard hit in the 13th jam and skated off for EMT assistance — it was determined later at the ER that she’d broken her collarbone.

At this point the Tommy Gun Terrors started to pull ahead, with Lali Pop finishing the jam with two grand slams, bringing the score to 92-69. Skid and Kelvikta the Blade both grabbed the lead in the 15th and 16th jams, calling them after scoring 4-0 shutouts over Bruce Killis. In the bout’s final jam, Pearly Gates edged out Pirate 9-8 in a no-lead jam, leaving the final score 108-80.

There were some intriguing change-ups in this bout. Alma Bichess, generally known as one of WFTDA’s most fierce and feared blockers, occasionally put in a turn as a jammer for the Tommy Gun Terrors. And during most of those jams, she outscored her opponents, at least once knocking taking out the VIP’s jammer on her way to doing so.


If one had to suggest an overall MVP for this bout, it would have to be Pearly Gates, although her heroics would be in a losing effort. She put up jammer and blocker stats for the Notorious VIP that would’ve put her near the top of the victorious Tommy Gun Terrors. She outscored everyone else in the bout with 37 points, topped the jammer stats for her team and had the second best pack stats for her team. Other VIP jammers included Bruce Killis (24 points), Black Belt Betty (18 points) and Nikki Nuke-Em (1 point.)

Shawna th’Dead of the TGT played blocker in all but one of her jams, and put in the best defensive performance this recapper has ever seen her skate. Her pack stats were through the roof. Wherever her opposing blocker was, Shawna was almost always right in the way. On offense, the Tommy Gun Terrors deployed a deep jammer bench led by Kelvikta the Blade with 28. Lali Pop (27 points), Skid (12 points), Alma Bichess (12 points), Heatherface (11 points), Pirate (8 points), Jolly Mean Giant (7 points), Maybelline (2 points), and Shawna th’Dead (1 point) all contributed to the total.

The Tommy Gun Terrors were assigned with 38 minors and 2 majors, while the Notorious VIP collected 30 minors and 1 major.

Audience-wise, the event was a raging success. While there isn’t a solid number for actual paid attendance as of yet, it was clear that the bout drew two to three times as many fans as in any skated in 2007 — quite probably an attendance record.

As mentioned earlier, Sin City debuted a significant number of new faces in this bout. Transfers included Maybelline #25 (previously of the Denver Roller Dolls) and Lali Pop #67. Skating in their first bouts ever were Black Belt Betty #4th Dan (who breaks boards when she’s not breaking the pack), Heatherface #1974 (from the Mid-Iowa Rollers “new meat”), Kami Flage #3/4, Kelvikta the Blade #440ss (a sword-swallowing speed-skater and sideshow performer), Nikki Nuke-Em #28, Ruth O’Dare #67, and Shebacca #27. Also in her first bout in quite a while was Flamingo Jones (formerly known as Bo Toxic).

And finally, league president Slurpee #7*11 cut her recent “18 year injury” down to a much more reasonable ten or eleven months, which allowed for her adorable new son Devlin to catch Mommy back in action on the eve of Mothers Day.

Photos: Papa Razzi

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