Sheffield Steel Rollergirls take aberdeen by storm

-British Championships Sheffield Steel Rollergirls Vs Granite City Rollergirls Result -

Sheffield Steel Roller Girls travelled to Aberdeen this weekend past to take on Granite City Roller Girls and game back with a 42 point victory winning 144 – 186. 

Both SSRG and GCRG saw defeats in their first games of the British Championships back in January and were raring to see their first win of the league – with both teams evenly matched it was always going to be an exciting bout and an exciting bout it was.  SSRG get the first points on the board and the play continues in our favour up until half time where the scores are 36 – 114 a strong 78 point lead; gaining points with strong offence play and hard walls to break.

After the drama of a lost mouth guard almost delaying the start of the second half, GCRG come out fighting and fighting hard! Rattling SSRGs walls and gaining lead jammer means they start to close the points difference and make SSRG a bit nervous. With less than 10 minutes to go GCRC get two power jams and call a time out before the last jam; the Aberdeen fans were making a racket! SSRG put up their power wall who get Glenys through as lead, before she calls it off ending the game 144 – 186.

Team awards for Best Jammer went to Glenys the Menace, Best Blocker to Miss D Nightshade and MVP to She-Rarr.  SSRG had an awesome bout with GCRG being fantastic hosts and can’t wait to welcome them to Sheffield on Saturday 20th June 2015! 

The British Championships is the first British roller derby tournament to feature a fluid structure for progression and development, featuring promotion and relegation at the end of end of the year.

In all divisions, each team plays each other once. Winning teams get 3 points for a win and 0 points for a loss. These points are totalled up and teams are placed in their divisional table in order of points scored.

Formed in the summer of 2008, the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls are Sheffield’s first all female flat track roller derby team.  Roller derby is the world’s fastest growing sport with over 70 teams in the UK. The game involves one skater from each team lapping members of the opposition for points, with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.

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