Seventh Tournament of Roller Derby Suomi Cup 2014

On Saturday the 18th of October the seventh tournament of Suomi Cup was held at Kuusaa. Lahti Roller Derby challenged Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby while the host league Kouvola Rock n Rollers battled it out with Helsinki Roller Derby. This tournament will be remembered for jammer penalties since every team got to taste the bitterness of power jams several times.

First Dirty River Roller Grrrls played against Lahti Roller Derby. Dirty River Roller Grrrls started strong and the situation at the beginning of seventh jam was 0 – 58 to Turku. In the beginning of the second period the game was 29 – 181 to Turku. In the end Dirty River Roller Grrrls won 72 – 326. Both teams did well!

Photo by: Carlos Marko-Tapio

Photo by: Carlos Marko-Tapio

The second game was Helsinki against Kouvola. The first period was full of interesting situations and strong emotions. Helsinki got loads of jammer penalties. For example Pygmi got sent to the box five times in a row! We saw also a unique star pass situation when HRD’s player Tiina Kimari got strangled with the jammer pantie when Kouvola’s jammer was giving the helmet cover to the pivot. In the end of period one the points were 50 – 141 to Helsinki. The second half was also full of action. Kouvola’s player Skate Middleton tried to do the star pass even though she didn’t have a pivot pantie and got sent straight to the box. Kouvola got many jammer penalties as well. In the second period Helsinki’s jammers started to score really fast and in the end of period Helsinki Roller Derby beat Kouvola Rock n Rollers 72 – 394.

The following players were awarded for their actions by the opposing teams at Kuusaa. Lahti Roller Derby: best jammer Henna, best blocker Lionheart and Most Valuable Player Vaca Loca. Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby: blocker Hallu, jammer Acabella and MVP Mad Moxxi. Kouvola Rock n Rollers: blocker Ursula Kaaos, jammer Sbitchofrenia and MVP Kawasari. Helsinki Roller Derby blocker Linda, jammer Deadbeat Debbie and MVP Sara Mack-Eh?.

Photo by: Carlos Marko-Tapio

Photo by: Carlos Marko-Tapio

We’ll see in the finals at Tampere 8th of November!


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