September WARDian of the Month: Che Nae’ld Her

Nails is a major asset to WARD. She is the most beautiful person and is always there with a smile on her face and an encouraging word. We have never heard her say anything negative about anyone or anything. she goes about her business and never complains. you feel better just by being around her. And She’s our September WARDian of the month.Nails

How did you get into derby?

The ever-talented Bladey Jane convinced me to give it a go. I’d never worn roller skates before my first training session so I looked a lot like Bambi trying to learn how to walk! For my first attempt at 25 in 5 I think I made about 14 laps, which was 14 more laps than I thought I was capable of. It took me two rounds of Fresh Meat training before I moved up through the levels to become a bouting skater and I’ve learnt some valuable lessons in the last year.

What do you get out of derby?

The best thing about derby is that I’ve become friends with a bunch of new people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I feel so happy to have such wonderful people in my life, who love me when I’m stinky, sweaty, swearing and bruised (emotionally and physically). In addition to that, derby has encouraged me to keep physically active and move my body. I’ve never loved exercise or the gym but I would skate every day if I could get to the track that often! I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in my body. Throughout my life I would criticise myself because I didn’t think my body was good enough, thin enough, fit enough. Now, I know that my body is perfect and capable and beautiful, just the way it is…especially when I’m knocking my idols to their knees.

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

It seems so strange to me to think that I have a ‘skating career’. I feel like a Freshie in so many ways! There’s a couple of highlights that come to mind. The 2014 Home Season grand final was the most fun game I’ve ever played in. I love any moment that I help my jammer with some offence that actually works. I got to play my very first bout in my home town and I got lead jammer twice (I doubt I’ve ever smiled so big).

Most embarrassing moment?

Probably during the grand final when I tripped myself up on my way into the penalty box and then crawled into the chair. In my mind no one saw and I got away with it…I’m told that wasn’t the case (Thanks Phteven/Mr Scando, always brutally honest when I need to hear it).

Do you have any training tips?

Show up as often as you can. Listen. Practice. Be thankful and kind. Be a team player. And in the words of Jewel 2D Death, “Never sit on a toilet seat again”.

What are your derby aspirations?

  • To be able to transition to the left, on demand, without thinking about it.
  • To become a brick-wall blocker and a smart pivot.
  • To stay in a positive frame of mind and not let my inner critic bully me.
  • To support my derby family – all together, all the time.

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?

I’ve already submitted three nominations this month! In addition to those, I’d like to nominate Kill Billy and Drag’n Fly. I live a life worlds away from both of these skaters and yet they’ve become some of my best friends. Both Billy and Fly give 110% to WARD by taking on volunteer positions in the Bouting & Events team and the 2014 Home Season is a credit to them (although they’ll both deny it). It’s also a pleasure to skate with these ladies who are so supportive of their league-mates and always have a smile on their faces!

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