Sept. Volunteer of the Month – Kitten Daddy

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  • Joined PRG: November 15, 2011
  • Position: Announcer
  • Birthday: June 30
  • Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Comments from his league mates:

  • Kitten Daddy started out with PRG as an NSO and then found his voice and became our awesome announcer. His knowledge of the game and our skaters has made his announcing great and he also sings the national anthem from time to time too!
  • The voice of PRG-great to hear him.
  • He has always been such a huge influence within PRG. First as Head NSO and now using his incredible skills to announce.
  • KD is just the nicest guy. Seriously, THE NICEST. And I like that.
  • He does a GREAT job announcing, and the fact that he’ll sing the National Anthem is pretty awesome.

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