Sept. Skater of the Month – T-M.A.G.num

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  • Joined PRG: July 12, 2011
  • Position on the Track: Blocker
  • Home Team: Psychopathogens
  • Number: *395
  • Committees: Merch, Bout Production and Head of Grievance
  • Birthday: June 3
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Comments from her league mates:


  • T-Mag pushes herself constantly to improve. Goes outside the league to get more skate time/coaching.
  • One of the best blockers the league has. If you’re on the track with her, keep your eyes on her, as she will come and knock you out!!
  • T-MAG aka. “Squirrel” is a three year vet who has helped out the league wearing many hats, but has served two years on Grievance since she gets along with everyone and is always positive. Plagued by a janky rt. ankle, she has never let injury bring her down. She is a strong blocker, but in a pinch she’ll jam with her quick “squirrel feet.” She will skate until the wheels fall off and I’m proud to be in the same league as T-MAG.
  • T-Mag leads with quiet grace and strength, and her squat is one of the best squats I’ve ever seen. I could not do without her as a teammate, leader, and friend.
  • She is an awesome person and she’s a great skater and leader within PRG.
  • T-Mag does ALL OF THE THINGS! And she’s happy to do them. No one can get lower than her, and no one can outmaneuver her fancy foot work.
  • T-MAG is practically the glue of our league. She notices everyone, contributes in so many ways, and always has helpful feedback to share – derby-related or not. On the track she’s one of the most consistent skaters, merges control and power in her hits in a way that haunts my dreams, and is the person I look to whenever I’m not sure what I should be doing. Can’t wait till she’s back on skates!

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