Second Wind falls to the Blue Ribbon Bullies

Both the Windy City Rollers Second Wind and the Des Moines Team United Blue Ribbon Bullies came ready to skate last Saturday at the Lombard Roller Rink. These evenly matched B teams jockeyed back and forth before the Blue Ribbon Bullies pulled away to take the win.

In an early jam, Second Wind jammer Lucy Wreckardo found herself in a power jam situation, but the Bullies’ blockers didn’t let her pass through easily. After Lucy got lead jammer, BreZ laid a huge hit on her that landed her in the box and Kay Oh followed up with another huge hit. Lucy recovered and scored for a grand slam. On her second scoring pass, Lucy took out Smashwey just as the Bullies’ jammer was released from the to score another 4. Second Wind pulled away with a score of 28-11.SW2

But in the very next jam, the power jam was reversed as Claire Lee Dangerous found herself in the box as Bullies jammer Ovarian Barbarian scored not one, not two, not three, but four grand slams and 2 additional points to give the Bullies a 33-28 lead. The lead changed hands several times over the next few jams, until the Bullies started to pull away.

With Mia Go Hamm and Shea Butter on the jammer line, the score was 44-68 for the Bullies. Mia got out of the pack quickly to snag lead jammer, while Abita! Down laid a huge hit on Shea to recycle her to the back of the pack. Mia scored three grand slams, making it look easy, picking up a total of 18 points before calling it off. At the half, the score was 73-86 for the Bullies.

The first jam of the second half was skated sans music, just the sounds of wheels on wood as Mia Go Hamm scored 16 points for Second Wind and Smashwey scored 14 for the Bullies. But the Bullies started to pull away and held Second Wind to 89 points for the next five jams while increasing their point total to 118.

SW1The Bullies kept increasing their point differential until Second Wind mounted a comeback. With the score at 121-148 in favor of the Bullies, Mia Go Hamm battled it out with the Bullies jammer CrAZy DAiZy, hitting her out and drawing a track cut so Second Wind could start the next jam as a power jam. Some strong jamming from Lucy Wreckardo and Yom KaPOW brought Second Wind to within 13 points.

But it wasn’t meant to be. The Bullies kept increasing their lead, and Second Wind wouldn’t be that close again. Despite the score, Second Wind never gave up, fighting for every last point they scored. In one of the last jams of the bout, Maulicious went up against Smudge as the Blue Ribbon Bullies’ last line of defense. In the one-on-one battle, Smudge wouldn’t give an inch as she held Maulicious back with her chest. Eventually, Maulicious pushed her out of play to get lead jammer, but she earned it. She would score one point before calling off the jam.

The last jam of the bout was a high-scoring fight to the finish, with Mia scoring 17 and Ovarian scoring 19 for the Bullies. Congratulations to the Blue Ribbon Bullies on a great bout! MVP honors went to Mia Go Hamm for Second Wind and Smudge for the Bullies. Second Wind will head to Minnesota this Saturday, Apr. 25, with the All-Stars to take on the Minnesota Nice of the Minnesota RollerGirls.

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