Second Wind Comes Out Victorious Against Naptown

This past Saturday the Windy City Rollers’ Second Wind battled their rivals from down south, the Naptown Roller Girls’ Warning Belles. The theme of this game was power jams and strong blocking. The two teams were well-matched and it started off close, suggesting the game might end up being a nail biter.

During the fourth jam, Naptown’s Pirouette Threat was able to get the first power jam of the game, but struggled against Second Wind’s walls. WCR’s Shake N Bake had a power jam shortly after, bringing the score to 18-14, Second Wind. Likewise, WCR’s Goldilock Stock’n Barrel had a 12-point power jam.

Second Wind’s jammers had some penalty trouble throughout the game, and the switch off of power jams allowed Naptown’s Pirouette Threat to bring the score to 30-36, Naptown. Naptown’s Darth Blue followed suit with another power jam but was shut down by Suga Smaxxx, who recycled her and drew a track cut, giving Shake N Bake a power jam, where she was able to score 12 points and change the lead again to 42-41, Second Wind.

Toward the end of the first half, we saw some points added to the board and some impressive apex jumps from Hat Trixxxie; and a 12-point jam from Mah Ko, making the score 70-43, Second Wind. Naptown’s Darth Blue was able to partially catch back up with a 15-point power jam and some fancy footwork, leaving the score 71-62, Second Wind.

The first half of the game featured some impressive blocking from Second Wind, with Naptown’s jammers being knocked out and recycled several times. Trouble Helix, Suga Smaxxx, Lucy Wreckardo and Phoebe Fi Fo Fum were all able to knock Naptown’s jammers out of bounds and recycle them. In addition to consistent recycling, Second Wind’s blockers exhibited strong walls and good control of the pack speed.

During the last jam of the first half, the Warning Belles exhibited some strong blocking, with Kneads Therapy, Vivi Section and Armagayddon making a solid wall against Goldilock Stock’n Barrel. Darth Blue was also struggling against opposing blockers and completed a star pass to Vivi Section. They ended the half at 88-64, Second Wind.

The theme of strong blocking and power jams continued in the second half, with Hat Trixxxie being recycled by Naptown’s Puff the Magic Dragon. We saw some jammer-on-jammer action between Mah Ko and Pirouette Threat, then a timeout called by Naptown. Shortly after, Pirouette Threat had a power jam but continued to struggle against Second Wind’s walls and was knocked out of bounds by Lucy Wreckardo while attempting a star pass.

Hat Trixxxie completed another apex jump while Naptown’s Darth Blue struggled behind Kate and Destroy, A-Ha Gabor, Phoebe Fi Fo Fum and Suga Smaxxx. Shake N Bake got stuck behind Naptown’s Kneads Therapy, Amelia B Killya and Spazztastic B but was able to break free and get lead. Following this there was an official time out called by Naptown, they argued that Shake N Bake should have gotten a penalty for charging a down skater, but the officials disagreed.

Toward the end of the second half, Naptown’s Lysis 2 Kill was able to get lead and score eight points, bring the score to 144-125, Second Wind. On a few occasions Naptown attempted a star stash strategy–their jammer would take off the star and hold it instead of passing it to the pivot. The goal is to split up the opposing blockers, because typically with a star pass the blockers would want to separate the jammer and pivot. This strategy was unable to save them and Second Wind came out on top, 164-131. Congratulations to the Second Wind on a well-earned win!

Don’t forget to check out our next game on June 11 at the Lombard Roller Rink!

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