School of ARRG Knocks 3!

Anyone can learn to skate… Anyone can have speed, strength, endurance, dance around, be A GIANT. But, when the pressure is on, and The World is watching, those who skate together, focus, and work as a unit will reap the rewards of all their efforts. And the giants.. well, the giants they will fall.

This year ARRG took on The West Coast of America. Teams full of top class skaters – individuals and giants who work hard to climb those WFTDA rankings. Teams like: Rose City’s Axels of Annihilation, Arizona, Sac City, Tuscon and Emerald City. We surpassed all the predictions and our coaches learnt A LOT!!

We learnt about footwork, we learnt how to adapt our styles quickly, we learnt about blocking with whatever you’ve got, we learnt about communication, we learnt how to work as a team, play as a team, help each other, support each other and take on the goliaths without fear.

Now in School of ARRG Knocks 3 we are going to show YOU how!

Oh, and it wouldn’t be School of ARRG Knocks without a theme.. SOAK 3′s theme is FAME because.. you know.. we wanna skate forever! :)

Get your ticket now!

And a big ARRGy thanks to David (HaJuken) Lewis, for his work in making this video.

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