DC Rollergirls - Scare Force One vs the Majority Whips

In a rough-and-tumble bout, Scare Force One beat the Majority Whips 184-163. The game was scrappy from the very first whistle as fan favorites Sharp Shredder and Frightmare lined up on the jammer line and fought their way out of the pack within two seconds of each other, giving lead jammer Shredder the chance to play some jammer-on-jammer defense against Fright. Scare Force picked up two points and held the Whips scoreless.

That changed quickly in the second jam, as Whips jammer Nasty Pelosi sprinted out for lead and was able to put 13 points on the board for the Whips when Scare Force jammer Marion Barrycuda went to the box for a track cut on her initial pass. A well-timed hit-and-back-up combo by Velocityraptor and Deadly Lamarr sent Nasty to the box on a track cut just as Cuda’s penalty was expiring. Cuda had time to pick up two points before the jam clock expired, but she set jammer Baby Daddy up for the next power jam, in which she grabbed 9 points to tie the game, 13-13.

Yet another power jam just two jams later gave Marion Barrycuda a chance to put a cool 25 points on the board for Scare Force, bringing the score to 42-18. After the return of their jammer, the Whips were able to chip away at Scare Force’s lead over the next two jams and hold them scoreless, bringing the score to 42-27, still in favor of Scare Force.

The next two jams were a cluster of jammer penalties as Nasty, Cuda, and Shredder each went to the box, keeping both teams from making much progress, leaving the score 59-42 in Scare Force’s favor.

Ferocious blocking, both offensive and defensive, helped keep both jammers on the track for the next few minutes, but also wore down both team’s jammers as tight walls of Scare Force blockers in black competed with fast recycling by the green-clad Whips blockers. Perfectly timed offense from Condoleezza Slice gave Scare Force an edge, but bone-jarring hits from Surly Jackson for the Whips helped keep the score from getting out of control throughout the half. By the end of the period, the score was 104-70.

The first jam of the second half saw the return of the rarely-seen pivot-line start by Scare Force, which helped keep the pack chaotic enough to prevent both jammers from escaping. Fright ultimately emerged as lead and pulled a quick four points before calling off the jam. That was the end of the Whips’ luck for a while, though, as impenetrable walls and fast-and-hard offense by Scare Force held the Whips scoreless for four jams, letting Scare Force widen their lead with help from a 15-point powerjam by Cuda.

In the seventh jam of the half, Cuda cut the track and Nasty escaped as lead jammer. Hanky Spanky was nearly able to absorb her back into the pack while Nasty was still on her initial pass, but Nasty slipped past. After two five-point grand slams, Nasty was boxed for a track-cut penalty, freeing Cuda to fight through a Whips wall of Dual Hitizen, Beaver Receiver and Surly, claiming another five points for her team.

Beautiful offense by Scare Force blockers Deadly and Slice saw their team’s jammer get lead and grab points for the next three jams in a row, bringing the score to 148-87 at the end of jam 10. The next few jams saw both teams whaling on each other, as Shredder and Fright both called successive jams off from the floor after hard hits. Scare Force had increased their lead to 71 points, bringing the score to 160-91.

A series of power jams and smart defense saw the tables turn in the next few jams, though, as the Whips held Scare Force scoreless for seven jams and added power jam points from Nasty Pelosi, Frightmare, and Dual Hitizen to even the score. By the last five minutes of the bout, a mere one point separated the teams, with the score 160-159 for Scare Force.

Scare Force’s powerful hits and smart blocking kept them in the lead in the next jam with soul-crushing hits by Hanky and a sharp play by Scoriental Express that helped delay a Whips star pass from Frightmare to Stabigail Adams. And in what turned out to be the last jam, Cuda snagged lead and was able to run the clock down against Whips jammer Dual. When Cuda called the jam, the game clock had expired with a score of 184-163 for Scare Force.

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