Roller Derby season is upon us once again.

Southern Maryland Roller Derby went up against NOVA Roller Derby in a tough bout out at the Dulles Sportsplex.

This was the first bout of the season for Southern Maryland and they came out ready for action. The first half was a tough roll between the teams and neither side was willing to give up any points. You couldn’t tell that Southern Maryland was rostering some first time skaters, they were out there holding their own. At the end of the first half the score was close and was still anyones game.

The second half NOVA came out in full force and widened the point gap but SMRD was not ready to throw in the towel.  After a time out and some regrouping the ladies of Southern Maryland hit the track and was able to rekindle some of that ferociousness that was fueling them in the first half.  Their jammers were breaking free and the blockers were channeling Gandalf with a “None shall pass” attitude.  The numbers on the board started to escalate for both teams as the clock started to tick away to nothing.  The last few moments of the game were the most intense with skaters being sent to the penalty box left and right.  Exhaustion starting to overtake everyone on the track but no one was ready to give up the fight for those last available points during the remaining seconds.

Time ran out and the final whistle blew, the bout had come to an end and NOVA had the lead.  It was a tough battle throughout and an exciting watch for the crowd.



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