SC Consolation: 5SC Nashville Rocks 8SC Omaha, 198-126


LINCOLN, NE — The first half of this game was back and forth, but Nashville took the lead late in the opening period and never let go, en route to a 198-126 victory over 8th-seeded Omaha. They’ll defend their fifth-seed slot tomorrow afternoon, with Omaha tackling the loser of the upcoming No Coast / Tallahassee match-up.

The two teams traded low-scoring jams in the opening minutes but in the third jam Anna Maniac got a chance to open the match up for Omaha as Nashville’s Four Leaf Roller headed to the penalty box. With five minutes elapsed, Omaha led 22-6.

A couple jams later, Ima Firestarter stretched that lead a little further with a quick 4-0 over a 4-2 pack, and after another 0-0 jam, got another opportunity with a power jam over Nashville’s Sugar Magmaulya. She added ten points before the Nashville jammer stood, leaving the score at 36-6 in Omaha’s favor with the clock stopped at 20:36 for an official timeout.

Nashville held a 3-2 pack advantage in the next jam, but Omaha had — for at least a few seconds — the only jammer in Anna Maniac. That wasn’t enough for her to get lead though–Magmaulya made it out of the pack to pick up lead jammer status fresh from the box as Anna Maniac was stifled by Britches ‘n’ Hose and Lady Fury. Magmaulya added 25 points to bring the score to 36 Omaha, 31 Nashville, as Anna Maniac failed to make an initial pass.

The next two jams were a wash but in the third, blockers seemed to evaporate giving Omaha a 2-1 pack advantage; they translated that into a 4-0 pass with 15 minutes remaining in the period.

Both teams dragged off the line to release their blockers in the next jam and with the packs at full-strengh, Magmaulya back-blocked her way to the penalty box, leaving Anna Maniac to add 5-0 before calling it off. Omaha then sent out Ima Firestarter, who added another 5-0 before calling the jam as she faced a four-wall and the Nashville jammer stood in the box.

As in Omaha’s last attempt to ice the opposing jammer, though, Magmaulya was able to come out of the box and pick up lead jammer status, which she translated into a quick 4-0. With 11 minutes remaining to play, 15 points separated the two teams: Omaha led 50-35.

Omaha added points in dribs and drabs over the next few jams to stretch their lead to 26 points, before Nashville added four more to bring the score to 61-39 with 7 minutes left on the clock.

With five minutes remaining in the half, though, Nashville got a chance to turn the tide as Four Leaf Roller got a power jam over Anna Maniac, bringing her team within 3 points before the Omaha jammer returned to the track — and giving them a 1-point lead before the jam expired on time. With three minutes left to play, Nashville held a 62-61 lead.

Ima Firestarter claimed that lead back in the very next jam, however, putting up 12 points before cutting her way to the box. Britches ‘n’ Hose had kept pace with Firestarter, though, and jamming unopposed, she then brought Nashville back into the lead, 81-76 with a minute left on the clock.

Both teams were in clear penalty trouble; Magmaulya lined up to jam unopposed with a 2-1 pack advantage. She added ten points before Firestarter returned; at the half, Nashville led Omaha 95-76.

Five minutes into the second period, Four Leaf Roller picked up the first multi-pass scoring run of the half, putting up a natural grand slam before Anna Maniac, stifled by Slammylou Harris, made her first pass. Omaha then called their first time-out, stopping the clock with just over 24 minutes left to play as they trailed, 107-81.

Play resumed with Nashville holding a 4-2 pack advantage; Britches ‘n’ Hose turned that advantage into a quick lead jam call and three points before Ima Firestarter approached to score. In the next jam, Sugar Magmaulya added nine points over Eblastagirl, bringing the score to Nashville 119, Omaha 81 with 21 minutes remaining on the clock.

Omaha’s penalty trouble continued; with just one friendly blocker on the track to Nashville’s three, Ima Firestarter picked up lead jammer status but was forced to call off the next jam for 0-0. As they continued to hold substantial pack advantages, Nashville were able to stretch their lead further, with a big jam for Four Leaf Roller bringing her team’s score to 142 as Omaha trailed with 85.

Sugar Magmaulya added a natural 10-0 with the help of another 4-2 pack advantage; in the next jam, Four Leaf Roller added 4-0 of her own under similar circumstances. With 13.30 left in the period, Nashville led 156-89.

The next jam was rather more even — with two blockers apiece, Anna Maniac was able to make it out of the pack ahead of Britches ‘n’ Hose, but Britches was declared lead jammer and called it off, 0-0.

After that, though, it was back to the established pattern: Sugar Magmaulya added 4-0 with a 3-2 pack advantage; Four Leaf Roller added a few more before Rady Ruck picked up a major penalty and handed Nashville a power jam. With a solid pack advantage, Four Leaf Roller brought the score to 180-89 with Omaha trailing, before an official time-out stopped the clock with 9.17 left to play.

Holding a rare 3-2 pack advantage, Omaha also picked up a power jam as Sugar Magmaulya hit the penalty box — as Eblastagirl brought her team’s score past 100, Nashville’s pack dwindled to just a single skater. A similar pack advantage in the next jam let Anna Maniac pick up lead jammer status and a quick 4-0; an official timeout then stopped the clock with 4.47 to play and Omaha trailing 116-189.

Ima Firestarter and Anna Maniac were able to pick up much-needed lead-jammer calls for Omaha in the next two jams; Firestarter added 4-0, but Maniac’s call was a little too late. Magmaulya added two to her four, leaving the score at 191-123 in Nashville’s favor with two-and-a-half minutes to play as Nashville called their first team timeout.

Those were Omaha’s last points of the match, though. Sugar Magmaulya added a quick 4-0 to Nashville’s tally, before Anna Maniac picked up a crowd-pleasing lead call. With Four Leaf Roller hot on her heels, though, she looked ready to call off the jam for 0-0 when she committed a major track-cut, handing Nashville a power jam to close out the game.

Daisy Mayhem fouled out at that point, with less than 40 seconds remaining to play, and, jamming unopposed, Nashville captain Britches ‘n’ Hose fought for a full minute before getting out, getting lead, and calling off the jam before Maniac returned. The final score was 198-126 to Nashville; Omaha will play for seventh tomorrow at noon and Nashville for fifth at 2pm.

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