Ruthless Roxy

What do you call a wily veteran skater with seven years of roller derby experience, twelve years of speed skating, aggressive jamming technique and movie star looks? Around these parts we call her Ruthless Roxy. Bringing three years of derby stripes down from Tennessee, the Ruthless one joined the Molly Roger league full time in October 2012. Roxy built her aggressive, in-your-face style as an all purpose athlete in her school years playing sports year round, and any who has seen her compete has no doubt that her moniker is well deserved.

Roxy’s choice in derby name is an honoriffic to classic derby movie Whip It and her favorite surf board as well as a summation of her straight forward and aggressive derby style. She calls roller derby her anger management therapy and credits the sport with improving fitness and teaching her how to prioritize all the things in life. Ruthless Roxy brings an old school toughness and showmanship to the rink having started in the fledgling resurgent days of the sport. She is happy to see it progress from staged half time fights with your derby wife to the frenetic kinetic explosion of athletic competition and will that it is today.

Don’t miss your chance to see old school will with new school technique. You love her, you know it, don’t fight it. Come out for the next game and tell her!

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