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Author: Hell Cat
At the end of 2014 a few of our skaters came up with the awesome idea of a Hogwarts House system style League Fitness Contest. It was every bit as awesome as it sounds.

We're now in our second month, with even more Bath skaters joining in for this round and as predicted, it's having a pretty spiffy impact on our personal motivation to get out there and sweat. Friendly competition, some wicked online taunting, sweaty selfies and lots of great encouragement. Yes, we want our individual contest teams to win (bad), but it's definitely BRDG that's getting the most out of this; fitter, better bonded, less injury prone skaters all round!
In the spirit of the New Year, as and something of a late Christmas present from us to all the other Leagues out there, we thought we'd open source our spreadsheets and share the love!

It should be noted that our resident whizz kid Doc Nox created these amazing documents; full credit to this awesome lady (whose skate name should totally be "GoogleBlocs"!)

The way we've run the contest so far:

1. Split folks who want to take part into even, roughly geographical groups, based on where they live (reason being this is fairly randomised and means if they want to work out together, it should be easier.) We went for four teams.

2. Invite all contestants to a private Facebook group (or forum thread) in which they can post hideous post-gym pictures (see above), submit videos and report their workouts (we use one FB comment thread for this per week, e.g. "Workouts for Jan Week One - comment below!")

3. Nominate one person to add up workouts for each member and add to the spreadsheet, weekly. At the end of each week, contestants can double check that all of their points have been counted.

4. At the end of the week, announce your winning team!

This works well for us at the moment, but perhaps you'll have a different approach to the admin. We'd love to hear how you get on, comment below and Happy 2015 from BRDG!

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