Rollercon: #9 Philly Upends #2 Rose City, 259-101


LAS VEGAS, NV — When DNN #2 Rose City faced off against #9 Philly in the first Saturday game of WFTDA action at Rollercon 2012, one of the biggest stories of the game happened before the first whistle–a recent knee injury to White Flight forced her to watch from the sidelines, while neither Soulfearic Acid or the injured Scald Eagle travelled with the Wheels of Justice.

Those absences were decisive in the end–a 77-0 run in the first half for Philly as Rose’s jammers hit the box repeatedly ended the game as a contest, and even more jammer penalties for the Wheels of Justice in the second half meant Philly skated out with a stunning-sized upset win, 259-101.

Philly took a knee on the jam line for each of the first four jams–and it was jam four before the crowd saw a jam that didn’t feature a lead change. However, a scoreless jam four wasn’t a sign of things calming down. Mo Pain picked up a major cut on her first jam–but Philly’s pack managed to limit Rose’s scoring, with Shenita Stretcher proving to be a nearly impenetrable barrier for JK Rolling and The Blast Unicorn over two jams — meaning the score was 12-7 in Rose’s favour with 8 minutes gone.

A huge apex jump let The Blast Unicorn make it 16-7 in the next jam, but those were to be Rose’s last points for some time. Philly went on a 14-jam, 77-0 run thanks to a sequence of jammer penalties as Rose’s second-string jammer rotation buckled under consistent pressure from the Liberty Belles. V-Diva, Mo Pain and Goldy all had 20-point jams before Rose managed to stem the bleeding, but by that time the Wheels of Justice were 84-16 down with ten minutes left in the half.

Both teams scored in the next few jams despite a run of lead jam calls for Phily, with the Liberty Belles seemingly playing with one eye on the track and the other on the clock as it approached halftime.

With under two minutes on the clock, JK Rolling handed V-Diva another powerjam after a major back block, but she called it as she broke free. She took the star again for the next jam with a little over a minute to go, however, and she pushed Philly past 100 points as Rose kept their box full from the get-go.

JK Rolling managed to clear the pack after getting out of the box, but it wasn’t enough to get any more points on the board for Rose – Philly led 118-27 at the half.

Honors were shared at the start of the second period with Rose edging the opening jams with some lovely offense from Frank N Hurter clearing the inside line for her jammer on the way to the box the highlight of a scrappy opening ten minutes.

Rose did manage to get their penalties under control early in the half and were starting to claw their way back into the game – but then Mo Pain pushed Philly’s lead to 151-55 when JK Rolling was boxed. A timeout followed as JK received medical attention in the box, and was then replaced there by Joyride.

Mo Pain then scored at will with Joyride in the box, pushing it to 170-55. Next jam it was Rose’s turn to have a power jam when V-Diva tried to toy with Untamed Shrew in jammer-on-jammer defense away from the pack and was called in a major low block after a huge hit. Shrew didn’t capitalize though, as she was soon boxed on a cut of her own.

Rose handed Philly yet another power jam when Shenita Stretcher forced a minor cut on Minstrel Psycho, which was her fourth. Minstrel came out of the box only to be sent right back on an IP major, and by the time a long and painful jam was done, Teflon Donna had pushed Philly to a 209-63 lead. Mo Pain was boxed on a major cut as the next jam started–but Minstrel then took her third trip in a row after a cut of her own.

The jammer penalties meant quite some time was spent with no jammers on the floor much to the displeasure of an increasingly angry crowd. An official time out followed a request for a review from Philly.

When that was over it took V-Diva four seconds to get called lead jammer — and Philly led by 230-63 by the time she was eventually forced into a call.

Two long jams where Philly got lead but ran the clock as both jammers got scoring passes pushed the score to 250-74. Rose did get a small run of lead jam calls to close out the bout, but they weren’t able to do any serious damage to the Philly lead until an 18-8 final jam for The Blast Unicorn finally pushed Rose past the 100-point mark.

The final score was 259-101, leaving Philly 2-0 against Western opposition for the weekend, with one sanctioned bout left–Minnesota at 3.15pm. Rose City play Denver at 7:15pm to round out the day’s sanctioned play, before Denver closes out the weekend’s sanctioned action with their own game against Minnesota on Sunday.

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