Rollercon 2013: Denver Punishes Arch Rival, 390-115


LAS VEGAS, NV–Strong blocking played a significant role in the Denver Roller Dolls’ (#2 WFTDA) victory over Arch Rival (#11 WFTDA) on the fourth day of RollerCon, a day after both teams took losses against Rocky Mountain. Denver jammers were able to score at will with Arch Rival jammers stuck in the pack and the Mile High Club ended comfortable 390 to 115 victors, despite a rash of second-half jammer penalties.

Denver took an early lead to start the game when an Arch Rival penalty in the first jam sent their jammer to the box and Denver’s Julie Adams racked up 24 points. The next jam saw the first three of many grand slams for Denver while the Arch Rival jammer struggled to get out of the pack to make her initial pass. Even when a back block penalty gave Arch Rival a power jam opportunity, Denver’s defense held her in place and Arch Rival remained scoreless going into the fourth jam. Arch Rival made it on the board in the following jam, but Denver had a 49-4 lead.

Both jammers were sent to the box in jam seven, but Arch Rival’s South City Shiner was sent back to the box shortly after being released. Denver’s Gator Dunn made it 92-4, before a full two minutes went by as Denver’s wall held Arch Rival’s jammer and Amanda Sharpless put up 35 unanswered points.

Arch Rival’s Brickyard was able to get a few more on the board after getting lead in the tenth jam of the game, bumping them up to 8 points. Arch Rival was able to secure lead jammer in the following jam, too, and strategic backwards bridging by the St. Louis blockers drew a penalty from Adams. Smarty McFly scored another 4 for Arch Rival on the ensuing power jam.

Denver’s defense continued to make scoring a challenge for St. Louis in the following jam as Arch Rival quickly got lead jammer but was forced to call it without gaining any points, due in large part to Denver’s work to speed up the pack and heavy hitting.

Smarty McFly was sent to the box for cutting the track while she was skating a power jam for for Arch Rival, giving Denver’s Williams–skating her first bout with the Mile High Club–the opportunity to add a few more points. Jam 15 ended with a Denver lead of 142 to 20. A strong clearing of the inside line by Salvador helped Denver chase down the Arch Rival jammer in the following jam to hold them to only one additional point.

The score at halftime was 187 Denver to 23 Arch Rival.

The second period started out stronger than the first for Arch Rival. A penalty to Williams in the second jam gave Arch Rival an opportunity to score 24 points in a single jam, more than they had scored in the entirety of the first half–and another power jam opportunity in the fifth jam helped them decrease the point deficit as Mighty Mighty Boston juked her way through Denver’s defenses and brought their score up to 62. The power jam advantage switched in jam seven as Gator Dunn took Denver’s points to 278 against Arch Rival’s 62. More power jams in Denver’s favor took the score to 319 to 62 with under fifteen minutes to go in the bout.

Arch Rival performed more strongly throughout the second half of the game than the first. With 2:21 to go in the game, the score was 390 Denver to 76 Arch Rival. A series of penalties committed by Denver, including jammer Williams, gave Mighty Mighty Boston a power jam against two blockers. As one Denver blocker was released from the box, Akers was sent in for back blocking, continuing Mighty Mighty Boston’s power jam against only two opponents.

The power jam continued into the last jam with 19 seconds to go on the game clock. Williams was sent back to the box soon after her release, along with Denver’s pivot, Barrett. This allowed Mighty Mighty Boston to break the century mark for AR, but Denver still took a runaway win with a final score of 390-115.

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