Roller Derby World Cup to be Played by WFTDA Rules


Blood and Thunder announced that their roller derby world cup be played (mostly) by the latest ruleset released by the WFTDA, abandoning proposals to play with a ruleset of their own devising.

Organizers announced via Facebook yesterday that the cup would be played under WFTDA rules, stating that the new rules “are so close to ours that we’re opting to keep things simple and uniform.”

The statement continued: “Our officials will enforce the updated regulations to the letter. In the interest of allowing skaters traveling from around the world to experience track-time during their teams’ bouts, we will continue to allow substitutions (voluntarily of course, as each team wishes to rotate based on the scores and circumstances.)”

Blood and Thunder announced last July that the tournament would be played by a modified WFTDA ruleset, which included 30-second penalties for blockers, and penalties for jammers that would run to 30 seconds or one opposition scoring pass, whichever came first.

A mercy rule–allowing games to be cut short by up to 20 minutes when one team was ahead by over 100 points–was retracted within 24 hours of release.

The move to using WFTDA rules follows the recent world cup promotional event in Dallas, Texas where Team USA played a “Stars vs Stripes” game under a different modified WFTDA ruleset, which included 15-second penalties for jammers.

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