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The Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup has had a venue change – the event will now be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas (also known as the Dallas Convention Center).

When the 2014 World Cup was announced back in mid-2013, Dallas venue The Coliseum was slated to host the event, but was not big enough to host 30 teams.

World Cup organizer Robin Graves says, “When we first decided to bring the Roller Derby World Cup to Dallas, we planned on using the Coliseum at Fair Park. We knew two tracks on the floor would be a tight fit, but the amount of fixed seating available was fantastic. The Coliseum is huge but there is not enough space for vendors. And with 30 countries competing, we realized we needed at least 3 tracks. We knew that the Coliseum was just not big enough for this event.

“We had other buildings/options at Fair Park but the Dallas Convention Center was also available and we fell in love with it instantly. It’s location is perfect since it’s in the downtown area and it’s closer to hotels and restaurants. The facility is modern and convenient. We have the room we need and even better, there is an attached arena that we will use on the last day so everyone in attendance will have a great view of the final bouts.”

This is not the first time the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup has had a venue change. Just before the inaugural cup held in Toronto in 2011, organizers had to move the event to a different venue that had pillars in the middle of the skating area. Robin is however pleased with this year’s venue change, and boasts that the Convention Center is “100,000+ sq ft, with no pillars!”

The Roller Derby World Cup website has been updated with information on the new venue and hotel specials in the area. For more information, click HERE.

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