Roller Derby Swedish Championships – We take fifth place!

6-7th of July, the battle of the Swedish Champion title took place in Halmstad, during an event called “SM-veckan”. The Ume Radical Rollers came in fifth place after having slaughtered the Luleå Slaughter Daughters with 294 against 82.

This was accomplished with a roster of nine players, even though a standard roster is usually 14 players.

Our captain Biohazard spoke to the tournament head ref, and she had some very nice comments to say about us, among other things that she was truly impressed that we never gave up, we fought hard and worked hard and did it always with a smile on our faces. During the bout against the Royals, our team had a 35 point deficit and still went on to win it with 12 points.

It was really nice to see us win the final bout against Luleås Slaughter Daughters. They were ranked fifth, and even though we won the game we played against them back in December 2012, we were now going up against them with a different set of players and after already having played two bouts in two days already. We fought hard, and it surely paid off in this bout, as it was this win that earned us the fifth place in SM!

Our captain Biohazard has this to say about the experience:

‘I couldn’t be more proud or honoured to represent the Ume Radical Rollers as Captain. Together we have been part of history, not only ranking 5th in Sweden but doing it with only 9 players, the smallest number fielded by any team represented in the Championship. I have never been more honoured in my life than to play with the Ume Radical Rollers.’

Stockholm Roller Derby won the title after having won the final over the Malmö team, Crime City Rollers.

URR’s games and results:

316-81 Dock City Rollers vs. Ume Radical Rollers
157-144 Ume Radical Rollers vs. Royal Army
294-82 Ume Radical Rollers vs. Luleå Slaughters Daughters

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