Roller Derby Leicester’s Mojisola Green Shortlisted For A Leciester Sports Award

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This year will mark the 18th annual Leicester Sport Awards, celebrating outstanding sports performances. We’re proud to announce our very own Mojisola Green will be representing Roller Derby Leicester having been shortlisted in the ‘active4life’ category.

Mojisola suffers from both plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, conditions that have improved significantly since taking up the sport. She is also one of only 291 people in the world over the age of 50 who participate in the sport, proving that you can make a commitment to get active at any age.

In her own words:

“I was so surprised that my team nominated me for an award. For me, roller derby is what I do.  I am happy to attend training and work hard on my skating progression. I have a strong desire to achieve my goal of playing roller derby with Roller Derby Leicester, so turning up each week to training and working off skates on my strength and conditioning is important to me.
To be nominated and subsequently shortlisted came as a pleasant surprise. Now that it has sunk in, I am extremely proud, if a little bit humble and self conscious.
I am thankful that I have found a passion in my fifties, and a great team of skaters and coaches, that enable me to fulfill my sporting potential after so many years. I am happier, fitter and stronger as a result; and that feels great!”

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