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Skate like a BEAST!

The BC Rollers currently practice in a very well-used, very small gym above a fire station. When we say small, we mean small! We’re trying to get in to a larger, safer space. Can you help? If you don’t like the shirt, even a dollar donation will help!

Tournament Travel

Pennsylvania All-Stars’ Travel Fund

The Pennsylvania Derby All-Stars were formed in 2011. We are comprised of a rotating roster of approximately 40 skaters from multiple leagues within the state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania All-Stars are committed to athleticism, sportsmanship, and raising awareness about and furthering the sport of roller derby as a state team. Our team is looking to compete in the 2014 USARS regionals and nationals this year and we need to raise money to do so. Please help to support our team and all the leagues represented by the Pennsylvania All-Stars.

League Funds

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Intense City Rollers Travel Fund

Port Scandalous Roller Derby has entered its first WFTDA season and our travel team the Intense City Rollers have been busy hitting the tournaments. We are trying to break into Division 2 and make it to play offs. Help us reach our goals!

World Cup

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Fundraising with GoGetFunding



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