Review-Preview: April 17th, 2015

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Last weekend, we finally got a peek at some of the higher Divison 1 teams, new Philly jerseys, and some interesting results at Skate to Thrill.

With the release of the March 31st WFTDA rankings this week, we can see which rank these recent April games were actually played under, and who is making big strides. Spring is really keeping busy with plenty more games this weekend, and likely a lot of teal.

Tampa Roller Derby played three games over the weekend, winning two by over 100 points, and losing only to #5 ranked Texas Rollergirls. After four games from last March fell off their total points, the Tampa Tantrums fell four places to #23, even as against their opponents, #45 Houston and #38 Oklahoma Victory Dolls, they took those wide and decisive wins. Against Texas however, they were only able to score 54 points to the Texecutioners’ 377.

It appears the 2015 roster for the Texans is looking good in their first game since WFTDA Championships, scoring much higher than their expected ratio on Flat Track Stats. Former Houston jammer, Freight Train, spent at least one jam in the star, as detailed in her video on Facebook, shown below.

Along with some of their recent skater additions, the Texas website also shows Dirty Larry as one of their managers, adding even more derby skill and knowledge to the Texies. We’ll get our next glimpse of Texas against some top 10 teams at the Big O next month.

Where did my Jammer Hat go???(Sry couldn’t take controls off screen during slow mo)

Posted by Tinisha Bonaby on Sunday, April 12, 2015


The #26 Mad Rollin’ Dolls finished their trip down South 0-2, as detailed in Hammer Abby’s recap, taking two hard losses to both #15 Jacksonville Rollergirls and #13 Atlanta Rollergirls by 349 points and 294 points respectively. Although Jacksonville and Atlanta played a close game against each other last month, Jax scored over 100 more points than Atlanta did against the Dairyland Dolls, moving them up to #11 according to FTS.

Madison blocker, Glock Ness, cited the success of her opponents to their quick reaction time and cohesive teamwork. “Constant action, constant vigilance! Jacksonville skated like a machine. You almost couldn’t tell their blockers apart because they worked so efficiently together. Atlanta by contrast was a successful group of all-stars. They work together like pop stars collaborate on a record; it’s better together but everyone has a distinctive style.”  These two games dropped Madison to #33 according to FTS, but the wide range of talent amongst the top 40 often does lead to inconsistent results.

A little to the North, #55 Blue Ridge hosted the #31 Nashville Music City All Stars, who took the win 203-147. Nashville has either scheduled a tough line up for 2015 so far, or may not be performing at quite the Division 1 level this year. After taking a big 345-36 blow by Arch Rival, and being thwarted by Charlottesville (ranked #74 at the time) by 61 points, Nashville tumbled 10 spots in the rankings in March. Combined with this close win over Blue Ridge, Flat Track Stats has them in the #55 spot. Nashville will be playing two Canadians and Finland at the Big O, so we will see where they fall after a busy weekend of derby next month.

#10 Philly Roller Derby had an unsanctioned weekend scrimmage against #15 Charm City, and beat them 212-161. The real news from that game is that they were sporting their new jerseys to go with their new name this year. We will see some sanctioned action by Philly next month, as they are also on the schedule for the Big O.

Philly Roller Derby Liberty Belles won against Charm City Roller Girls All Stars in a fun scrimmage this morning! Thank you to Left Turn Clothing for our amazing new uniforms. #WEAREPHILLY

Posted by Philly Roller Girls on Sunday, April 12, 2015


Boston played two and won two games over the weekend, taking on Steel City and Ohio. The #24 Boston Massacre only beat #27 Steel by 2 points, yet beat #19 Ohio by 145 points. Boston will make their way across the country to the Big O, but not before they take on Charm City this weekend.

#80 Ann Arbor is still putting up the big points, and with their 339-43 win against WFTDA #123 Bleeding Heartland, FTS has them ranked #41. Rainy City, who is ranked #119 in WFTDA, is showing up at #75 on FTS after concluding their U.S. trip with a 122-103 loss to #74 Green Mt. And after finishing 2nd at Division 2 Championships last fall, #37 Rideau Valley took on #17 Montreal, only losing by 26 points.

This is the first glimpse of Montreal since a few retirements last year, but after Rideau’s strong performance at Quad City Chaos, this close game is likely a testament to their skill. We’ll get a better idea of the New Skids, when they also make a pilgrimage to Oregon next month. (Pictures by Delightography also seem to show the always delightful Plastik Patrick coaching, which we can’t wait to hear more about).

We have both Skate to Thrill days recapped over here and here, but the weekend also revealed a few key things about a few of the teams. #20 Arch Rival is looking strong so far in 2015, and continued in Missouri with an average 277 point win over all three games. They do have added jammer power since Bricktator transferred from Bay Area, but Ninja ‘Sassem points out that she’s just a fourth to their already great jammer rotation: “With the addition of Percy Controll (Team USA, St. Louis GateKeepers) to our already stellar coaching staff you can imagine the change in our blocker capabilities.” With greater depth to their roster, she also says that they played 16 people throughout the weekend, with very little difference in outcome.

the weekend also revealed a few key things about a few of the teams

#28 Arizona on the other hand, was missing a core jammer over the weekend as Atomatrix has recently announced that she has a baby due in September. They still beat #30 Naptown by 127 points, but lost to Arch Rival by a large margin – 347 points. Arizona has really proved themselves over the last season, so they won’t likely drop like they did during “Transfergate”, but we’ll see some more of them at the end of the month at Tinseltown Showdown.

Naptown vs Arizona. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

Naptown vs Arizona. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

#47 Demolition City had strong results, despite losing two of their three games, and Burning River is still working on upward momentum by adding three wins to their 2015 total. #39 St. Chux and #57 Tiger Bay both had four games, and an inconsistent weekend. Tiger Bay has been on the rise, but this U.S. swing may end up hurting more than it helped their ranking for the post-season, as FTS now puts them at #90 in WFTDA. #39 St. Chux, who has been toeing the D1/D2 line for awhile now, lost to #47 Demolition City by 66 points, yet only lost to #30 Naptown by 12. FTS puts them at #64 in WFTDA.

In men’s derby, the #17 Cincinnati Battering Rams went 1-1 in Florida, taking a 374-point loss to #12 Magic City Misfits, but a 149-87 win against Tampa Bay. The #25 Kornstalkers may have lost against the #14 Twin Cities, but kept it close at 184-109.

Coming Up

10429260_490935424391681_2006622093109222833_nThis weekend has a lot of Division 2 games being played, with a few from the lower half of Division 1.

We’ll get our first look at #11 Windy City after their recent roster overhaul, as they host Des Moines United. Previously known as Team United, this will be Des Moines’s third sanctioned game, which means their debut ranking will be revealed next month. Flat Track Stats says they’re #34 in WFTDA, but if they put up big points against this new version of Windy, it could really give them a boost.

On the East Coast, #24 Boston will host #15 Charm City, both teams have gone up against Ohio this year. Boston beat them by 145 points last weekend, whereas Charm lost to them by 20. #27 Steel City will be traveling to play #33 Queen City, which FTS expects to be a close game. Queen has played at D2 tournaments the past two years, and finished 5th in Kitchener-Waterloo last year. This game will show if they can hang tough up in Division 1.

#77 Brandywine, who has fallen a bit since finishing 8th in Duluth last year, will be taking on #56 Dc who finished 6th in Kitchener. The two last faced off last June, and DC took the win that time 207-114. #62 Grand Raggidy will head to #78 Ft. Wayne, and the last time these two met in early 2014, Grand Raggidy took the win by nearly 100 points. #54 Killamazoo and #44 Chicago Outfit both beat Grand Raggidy recently by 65 and 58 points respectively, which means they’ll likely have a close game when they play each other this weekend.

Also in the Midwest, Brewcity will be hosting a quick round robin on Saturday with the Dallas Derby Devils and Old Capitol City Roller Derby. Brewcity and Dallas have both already experienced some tournaments, which resulted in a 19-rank jump to #31 for Dallas. Old Cap has already played three sanctioned games, taking a recent 73-point win over #89 Fargo.

Detroit will be making a trip down South, first taking on the #66 Big Easy Rollergirls, and then #45 Houston. Detroit took a 292-115 win over Big Easy in Duluth last year, and since winning 1st place at D2 champs, has risen back into Divsion 1 and currently sit in the #25 spot.


Overseas, 3rd place D2 finishers Bear City, will be hosting Glasgow, while the London Rollergirls will be having Anarchy in the UK. Historically an event that U.S. teams have traveled to, this year London is going against a Euro All-Star team and hosting a boot camp instead. This will be our first glimpse of London on the track, who currently holds the #6 spot.

BRAWLING: #77 Die Die // #111 Esther Arocha // #180 Fenix // #8008 Goregasm // #A18 Juke Boxx // Katie // #40 Kid Block // #7 Kristen Lee // #55 Lexi Lightspeed // #51 Olivia Coupe // #357 Raw Heidi // #22 Rogue Runner // #13 Stef Mainey // #42 Trisha Smackanawa




In Men’s derby, #19 Carolina Wreckinballs will be taking on the Philadelphia Hooligans, while #3 Shock Exchange plays #18 Mon Royals.

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