Review-Preview: April 10th, 2015

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Last weekend wasn’t as active in the WFTDA as the end of March was, but it did see the first Rose City bout of 2015. This coming weekend is debuting much more top 20 action, and features a couple of big events, such as Skate to Thrill.

After this weekend, there’s a derby event featuring playoff-eligible teams basically every weekend through the end of June, which is the make or break point for WFTDA tournament eligibility. So stay tuned!

As of the February 28th rankings, Rose City was ranked #2 after their phenomenal performance at the WFTDA tournaments last fall. All eyes are on them and what they can do with that momentum, and last weekend they continued their dominance over #12 Rocky Mountain with the score of 356-139. Flat Track Stats shows that Rose did not perform at quite the ratio that was expected, but that might be a result of Rocky’s love of using the star pass to kill the jam.

So… is Rose City getting a new superstar junior every year? #notfair #ifeelold

Posted by Sandrine Rangeon on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sandrine Rangeon took note of an additional jammer for Rose City during the game, and it seems she was referring to skater Feliz Brutality. Although not new to the Wheels of Justice, she joins the jammer rotation after a year on hiatus, and apex jumps certainly seem to be her signature. After all the buzz over former junior skater Loren Mutch at last year’s tournaments, we’ll see if Brutality can keep up with Mutch and Scald Eagle.

Rose City will be at The Big O next, taking on Texas, Philly, and Atlanta. Rocky Mountain seems to have decided to check off teams #1 and #2 on the WFTDA rankings, and will be playing #1-ranked Gotham at home on May 16th, before they hosting Besterns on May 29th – an ambitious schedule! (Speaking of Philly, new uniforms?)

Feliz Brutality leaps the apex. Photo by Regularman Photography.

Feliz Brutality leaps the apex. Photo by Regularman Photography.

Ohio, #22 as of February, traveled to #27 Naptown for an unsanctioned game, and Naptown upset their higher-ranked opponents by a solid 50 points. Both have played multiple games already this season, and each have already gone up against Charm City. Despite Naptown beating Ohio, Ohio prevailed over Charm by 20 points, while Naptown lost to them by 237 points.

On the lower end of Division 2, #102 Sioux City kept #59 Omaha to only a 35-point win. Nearby in Iowa, #62 Old Capitol City Roller Derby took on #81 Fargo Moorhead, and won 215-142, an improvement on their close 6-point win over them last spring.

Also in the Midwest, #84 Ann Arbor has been making some progress in the rankings over the past year, and will likely keep improving with their 205-153 win over #96 Cincinnati. Currently, Flat Track Stats ranks them at #50 in WFTDA, but we’ll see how far they can push it at the Big O next month, with the DC Rollergirls and Sacred scheduled to play them.

As of February, the Rainy City Roller Girls from the UK were ranked #119 and are using an ongoing swing through the Northeast US to change that. They’ve posted 3 sanctioned wins so far against Lehigh Valley, Black Rose, and Dutchland, all at over 200 points. Their one loss was to the Gotham Girls Wall Street Traitors, but only by 53 points. They are still slated to take on Green Mountain this weekend, which will be a tougher test as they are currently #76 in WFTDA.

In Men’s Roller Derby, MRDA-ranked #8 Mass Maelstrom held the #22 Quadfathers to just 22 points, while scoring 351 of their own. In a double header with the Omaha women, the unranked Big O Roller Bros lost against the #25 Sioux City Kornstalkers, 247-142.

Coming Up

Florida is seeing some home and away games this weekend, with #15 Jacksonville hosting the #26 Mad Rollin’ Dolls (which we may get to bring you recaps on) and #19 Tampa traveling to Texas. This is the first sanctioned play for MRD this year, and they will also pay a visit to #13 Atlanta. Jax has already played a few games so far, beating Ft. Myers by 479 points, but only beating Atlanta by 3, so Madison has two similarly tough teams to look forward to.

Tampa will first hit up #45 Houston on their trip West on Friday night, and then #5 Texas Rollergirls on Saturday. After playing two teams, ranked 40 places apart, they will also take on #32 Oklahoma Victory on Sunday.

Tampa at Division 1 playoffs in Sacramento last fall. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Tampa at Division 1 playoffs in Sacramento last fall. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

We will get our first chance to see #17 Montreal in 2015, after they had some notable skaters retire last season, as they take on #39 Rideau Valley. Rideau finished at the top of D2 with 2nd place in Nashville, so this weekend will show if they can hang with the top 40.

#29 Steel City will be hosting #25 Boston, after losing to them by 42 points at Quad City Chaos in March. You can read up on how both teams did over in our Chaos recap. While traveling, Boston will also swing by Ohio, who really seem set on playing every weekend so far this season.

#41 Nashville has had a couple hard losses lately, and will test their strength this weekend against #56 Blue Ridge. And finally we will see Ann Arbor play again against #117 Bleeding Heartland.

Also this weekend, St. Chux will be hosting its second annual Skate to Thrill in St. Peters, Missouri. This year sees a bit higher caliber of teams, as St. Chux now sits at #36 in WFTDA. They’re hosting teams from #20 Arch Rival, to #97 Burning River. We will have a full preview detailing the two-day event later today.

While in Denton, Texas, #111 North Texas Derby Revolution will be hosting #189 ICT, #110 Alamo City, and #115 Duke City for the Mythical Invitational. Games will be played on Saturday and Sunday, and you can catch them live on Youtube.

Across seas in Australia, Open Season continues with Round 2 in Ipswich, Queensland. Once a month for six months, many teams across Australia will compete to determine a champion.

In MRDA, the #17 Cincinnati Battering Rams will travel to Florida and take on the Magic City Misfits, as well as the unranked Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby.

Happy weekend of watching, everyone! What are you looking forward to most?

Please note that all WFTDA rankings featured in this article are as of February 28th, 2015.

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