Review: April 17th-19th

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Spring roller derby is still picking up steam, and over the weekend many WFTDA Division 2 level teams played, and many of those games were under a 40-point spread. Some teams are settling into their niche in the rankings, and others are making a move for Division 1.

See which teams pulled off an upset last weekend, and what’s happening in MRDA and USARS.

Starting in Division 1, WFTDA #11 Windy City finally debuted their updated roster by taking on Des Moines United in Chicago. Turns out this game wasn’t sanctioned, which may have been a wise choice on Windy’s part, as Des Moines took the game by 15 points, 152-138. Against last year’s WCR, they had lost by 107 points instead. If Des Moines United’s next game against #20 Arch Rival is really sanctioned, we can expect them to get their first WFTDA ranking by the end of May. If the game did count towards their WFTDA ranking, Flat Track Stats would put them at #21.

Boston also pulled off an upset, and by almost the same amount of points. Ranked #24 by WFTDA, the Boston Massacre took on #15 Charm City, beating them by 14 points. This is Boston’s third straight win this season, and their second upset. Keep an eye on them in the future of this season.

#25 Detroit may have had a rocky year, taking a route through Division 2 to WFTDA Champs, but this year they seem to be back at home in Division 1. During D2 playoffs last year, they had beat the Big Easy Rollergirls 292-115, but this time around they beat the #66 team 319-53. After their second win in 2015, FTS now ranks them at #17.

Chicago Outfit vs. Killamazoo. Photo by D. Babao Photography.

Chicago Outfit vs. Killamazoo. Photo by D. Babao Photography.

#27 Steel City beat #33 Queen City on their home turf by just 10 points, in what sounds like an exciting, come-from-behind, down-to-the-last-jam game. Check out this exciting play by play of the last few minutes.


While the Dallas Derby Devils went northwards to take on both the #59 Brewcity Bruisers and #65 Old Capitol City Roller Derby. Having taken first place at this year’s Clover Cup, Dallas has jumped up to the #31 slot as of the end of March. Their Victorian-esque whirl-whip blocking secured them two more wins over the weekend by about 150 points over each game. With similar performances against Dallas, the ensuing match up between Old Capitol City and Brewcity ended with a close 23-point win by Old Cap. Now at an undefeated five-game winning streak, FTS ranks Dallas at #24.

#44 Chicago Outfit took on #54 Killamazoo, winning by just 34 points in Michigan. Last time the two met was at D2 playoffs in Kitchener-Waterloo, and Killamazoo won then, by just 12 points. #49 Bear City, who took 2nd at that same Division playoff, hosted #68 Glasgow in a similarly close game. The Berlin Bombshells notched their third win in 2015 by 36 points, 152-116.

#77 Brandywine and #56 DC Rollergirls had last faced off in June of 2014, with DC taking the win by 93 points. This time around, Brandywine upset DC with a 163-149 win. Brandywine had a decent rise in the rankings early last year, barely hanging on to make playoffs, but did finish in 8th place. We’ll see if they can continue to perform at this strength more consistently this year. DC recently lost jammer and former captain Frightmare to the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, resulting in some fresh faces in the star on their All-Stars.

To round out D2, #62 Grand Raggidy traveled to Indiana to take on #78 Ft. Wayne. Previously, Grand Raggidy had beat them by nearly 100 points in early 2014, but this time around it was much closer, with a mere 6-point win going to the ladies from Michigan.

Sioux City's Mo Payne scored 323 points in one game. Photo by Jimmy Digital.

Sioux City’s Mo Payne scored 323 points in one game. Photo by Jimmy Digital.

To balance out the close games, #105 Sioux City Roller Dames took on #143 Sioux Falls Roller Dollz, winning 474-17. In the last battle between Sioux, the Dollz had only lost by 7o points, in February of last year. This month the Dames had kept #51 Omaha to a 35-point win, showing that they may be a bit under-ranked. Of the 474, Mo Payne skated every other jam for the Dames and scored an impressive 323 points, including a 40 point jam.

In Europe, #162 Nidaros also scored over 400, winning against #189 Copenhagen by 358 points. Previously matched up at Skate Odyssey last year, Nidaros had also beaten them, but by a much slimmer margin of 88 points. This impressive win combined with their upcoming U.S. tour shows a huge effort to get some rankings traction this year.


The Pennsylvania All-Stars got two games in over the weekend, first taking on the Chicago Red Hots in a USARS game, and then the Chicago Men’s league, the Bruise Brothers, in a FTDA game. This time last year, the PA All-Stars beat the Red Hots by 60 points, but this time was a bit closer at 105-63, another PA win. At the 2014 USARS Championships, the Pennsylvania All-Stars had finished 3rd, whereas the Red Hots finished in 5th. Against the men, PA achieved a larger differential, 348-118, an improvement for the Brothers after losing 350-25 a year ago, last April.

The PA All-Stars will play host to this year’s USARS Championships on August 28th-30th in Pennsylvania. USARS will again skip any sort of playoff tournament, with a National tournament open to all that are interested.

The PA All-Stars showing their support for Casper, #57, as we are about to take on the Chicago Red Hots in Chicago. #Casper. #endbullying. #weallcanmakeadifference. #awarenessisthefirststep.

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In Men’s roller Derby action, the MRDA ranked #18 Montreal “Mont Royals” traveled to the USA to take on the Jersey Boys and #3 New York Shock Exchange. Going 1-1 they beat the unranked Jersey Boys (#22 according to FTS) by just nine points, and lost to NYSE by 312, two very different games.

One of the newest MRDA members, Toronto also traveled to New York and took on #22 Quadfathers. In their second MRDA sanctioned game, Toronto lost 357-86.

The #19 Carolina Wreckingballs hosted the unranked Philadelphia Hooligans in a close game, winning 150-125. In Europe, the Manchester Men took on the Barrow Infernos, neither are MRDA ranked but are placed at #16 and #18 respectively in FTS. Manchester took it by 16 points, 144-128.

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